The ultimate finance guide

Are you getting the most out of your finance data?

The guide will explore:

1. Why strive to get more out of your finance data?

2. How analytics is changing the role of the finance professional

3. Six analytics capabilities that every finance professional should be taking advantage of

4. Practical steps to start getting more out of your finance data


Unlock the power of your finance data...

A survey by MIT and IBM found that organisations that adopted analytics to analyse their data had 8% higher sales growth, 24% higher operating income and 58% higher sales per employee than those that did not.

Whilst according to Forrester, less than 0.5% of data is ever used, but just a 10% increase in data accessibility can result in $65 million additional net income.

Your data is your biggest asset

Data is quickly earning its name as the new oil of the digital economy.

What many don’t realise though, is that just as oil needs refining, to unlock the true value of data, it takes more than simply having data.

The question is, are you ready? Download our latest guide to discover how to start getting more out of your finance data.


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The role of the finance professional is changing...

As a finance professional you have a quality that makes you unlike any other business function or service.

Even before “big data” was the buzzword it is today, you were collecting, processing and analysing data across the business. This puts you in a truly unique position – It gives you visibility of the data produced throughout your entire organisation. 

Today, with the introduction of big data technologies, and the increasing need for organisations to effectively analyse data across the business, this position is more powerful than ever.

You’re no longer just responsible for “balancing the books”, your role will soon see you become a key strategic voice when it comes to using data to make value-added business decisions.