People Connected

Manage, nurture & connect your people wherever they are

Making remote working easier for everyone

A fully customisable platform that is able to offer all key workplace resources with ease of use and scalability. The People Connected platform acts as a central hub to allow all your people to find the information they need, streamline processes and connect with each other. Bringing with it a powerful Digital Assistant powered by talksuite to make searching simple and effective and integrations with other existing communication tools such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer or Slack this is a platform that can truly connect your workforce regardless of their location.


Introducing People Connected


New modes of working demand new ways of connecting

Work is what we do - not where we are. Driven by new expectations, priorities and technologies, the boundaries between work and home are becoming increasingly fluid. Meanwhile, remote working has hit many organisations unexpectedly and at unprecedented scale. The learning curve can certainly be steep and some will see it as a temporary arrangement, while others will take the long view and take full advantage of the opportunities it offers.

But ‘business as usual’ does not happen automatically. Your people need an effective way to connect with your organisation and its processes, with key resources and with each other.

People Connected helps you manage all of this.

Everything your people need, all in one place

People Connected is a single hub from which all your people can access organisational resources, execute processes and engage with each other.

From training materials through to time recording, expense claims through to IT support, everything is centrally located, logically organised, and easily accessible.


Digital Assistant: instant access to key info

Getting to grips with organisational rules, finding the latest form and following the right procedure isn’t always easy - especially when you’re offsite.

People Connected incorporates Talksuite digital assistant technology from MHR Analytics. With this scalable digital assistant in place, employees can enter simple search queries, and the relevant info, forms and resource extracts from right across your hub are instantly flagged up.

Keep your Keyworkers Connected

Flexible, powerful and connected, the Keyworkers Connected bot is designed using Talksuite to keep your services on track, keep your people safe - and keep your organisation operating.

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NHS Connected Employee Management Tool

To support NHS teams at this time, MHR has teamed up with our partner Software Imaging to develop a desperately needed shift management solution. NHS Connected is available for immediate deployment by all NHS providers, free of charge.

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Key processes, streamlined…

These are some of the processes that can be streamlined with People Connected in place:


Your people can access company policies, update personal details and submit requests (e.g. holiday requests/absence forms).


Set up orientation procedures for new starters and enable them to become familiar with workplace practice in bite-size chunks.


Use People Connected to host your reimbursement process for home workers (e.g. telephony costs, energy allowances and mileage).

IT Support

Use People Connected as a portal for submitting maintenance/help requests. Includes the potential for integration with your existing help desk ticketing solution.


Automate/streamline the process for ordering stationery, technical supplies and other works items.


When working from home is important that you maintain your physical and mental health, having access to key team members and reminders are essential to maintaining one's wellbeing.

Deploy remotely and roll out swiftly

  • Get up and running at speed, with an out of the box package, complete with full implementation support.

  • Bespoke development options for the creation of modules to match specific processes and organisational requirements.

  • Once your modules are in place, new resources can be added with ease, helping to lessen the load for HR & IT managers and other stakeholders

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