Talksuite Partner Program

Drive future business with your own Digital Assistant

The Talksuite partnership program places flexible, powerful Digital Assistant technology at your fingertips. Build the bots your customers are looking for, instantly enhance your existing service offering and create stronger, value-added customer relationships.

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Give your product range a boost with Talksuite

Join our partner programme and work with industry experts to bring digital assistants and bot technology to your customers.  

With Talksuite, you can transform the way end-users interact with technology and processes. What’s more, by adding this powerful technology to your portfolio of services, you’ll find new ways to engage with your customers to drive deeper and more profitable engagements quickly and easily.

The Talksuite platform is ready to go, allowing you to offer both out of the box and bespoke solutions that create a real point of difference in your service lines. And as you’d expect, our partner programme is as compelling as our technology. Talksuite partners benefit from a fully supported journey, with training, guidance at resources all stages.

Get in touch today to uncover our range of partnership options and to discover how Talksuite can boost your business.


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Become your customer’s go-to choice for workflow optimisation

Through Talksuite’s natural language processing, users can submit questions or request information and get instant answers. Internal workflows are automated, and the burden on help desk resources is significantly reduced.

Our Digital Assistant toolkit provides a framework for transforming key workplace processes, including HR, finance and customer services. Flexible and scalable, it allows you to tailor a bot to suit each customer’s departmental workflows.

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Add value to your business with Talksuite

  • Strengthen your USP. What sets you apart from other vendors or consultants? An innovative, powerful, user-friendly support offering can help deliver a valuable competitive edge.

  • Flexibility. Talksuite can be integrated into virtually any business model. Build up a bank of pre-built Digital Assistant modules focusing on specific technologies and common business workflows. You can also choose to offer a bespoke bot-building service, with a choice of end-to-end or consultancy/knowledge transfer input.

  • Stronger customer relationships. Creating or customising a Talksuite bot provides the ideal opportunity for collaboration with customers, and for gaining familiarisation with their processes. This can be a valuable springboard for further projects.

  • Expand your customer base. The need for Digital Assistant technology can be particularly relevant for larger organisations and in highly regulated, process-driven sectors such as finance, healthcare and the public sector. Creating and showcasing pre-built bot modules can be a useful way of demonstrating your sector-specific knowledge to help you win valuable customer contracts.

Benefits for your customers

  • Smoother digital transformation and change management. With the Talksuite Digital Assistant, users can quickly get to grips with new technology and processes. It can help boost tech adoption rates, drive organisational efficiency and enable faster onboarding of new employees.

  • Reduced demand for internal support. Our Digital Assistants can reduce in-person, phone and messaging query volume by as much as 80%.

  • A single point of entry into disparate systems. Talksuite can be layered over existing systems to provide a single, seamless user experience.

  • A natural deployment partner. There’s no need for your customers to take a chance on an unfamiliar provider. They can access Digital Assistant technology through someone who understands their workflows: i.e. your business.


Put Talksuite to work


Get support and expert input from MHR on all aspects of customisation, bespoke development and bot optimisation. You also get access to a growing library of out-of-the-box Digital Assistant bots, suitable for customisation.

With full author and administrator access, you have a complete platform for bot creation. Integrate your modules with existing customer systems, configure notifications, role-specific permissions and add branding elements.


Talksuite is layered on top of existing systems, helping to ensure rapid deployment with minimal business disruption. To aid user orientation, we can provide user guides and other training materials for you to adapt and distribute.

With the initial modules in place, you can easily add more when you need. For your customer, the Digital Assistant can evolve to meet their needs as the business scales up and new technologies arrive. By offering additional modules and support, it gives you scope to build valuable, long-term relationships.


Talksuite’s modular design gives you freedom to devise bot offerings that complement your existing services and that match customer needs.

Devise entry level, premium and custom models. Create ready-made modules to cement or grow your sector-specific reputation. Build the offerings into your marketing proposition. The choice is yours.


Liaise with your customers to scope out their requirements. Provide the option of an end-to-end bot creation service, consultancy and knowledge transfer, or a joint build project, depending on the customer’s preferences and in-house capabilities.


Talksuite is ideal for

  • Software resellers and channel partners

  • Bespoke developers

  • IT help desk providers

  • Consultancy firms

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