NHS Connected Employee Management Tool

Available for immediate, free, remote deployment to help manage the organisational impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Emergency rostering, mass redeployments, team reconfigurations, rapid onboarding... for the NHS, the challenges of employee management have never been greater.

The stakes are high, and to support NHS teams at this time, MHR has teamed up with our partner Software Imaging to develop a desperately needed shift management solution. NHS Connected is available for immediate deployment for all NHS trusts, free of charge.


Flexible, powerful, connected: helping you lighten the management load

  • Dynamically manage and view shifts

  • Clearer way to deliver information to employees

  • Single conversational interface for accessing key HR processes and systems

  • Available for immediate, remote deployment to help manage the organisational impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Why NHS Connected?

Connecting your internal systems through a single interface, our aim is to optimise employee management. This will allow managers to make changes quickly and easily, and keep team members updated on rostering and allocated tasks. Employees can see at-a-glance what is happening, they are notified appropriately in light of changes and, thanks to our integrated search-based digital assistant, they can get instant answers to key HR-related questions.

Designed for the front line

For team members, NHS Connected offers much-needed clarity, freeing them up to focus on what really matters. If they have a query, there’s no need to waste time searching through multiple resources or on hold to HR: simply ask the digital assistant. For managers, it means less time wasted in fielding routine requests, while making it easier to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

World-class technology, put to work for the NHS

Built on the Talksuite platform, NHS Connected incorporates Jarvis employee management software: a tool with a proven ability to handle even the most complex organisational timetabling needs. This offers an immediate and effective answer to the challenge of shift management, optimising your internal communication methods, and connecting your internal systems to a world-class, search driven conversational interface.

User-Friendly & Powerful Shift Management

  • Create rosters quickly, including complex inter-team and multi-location timetables.

  • The clearest possible visibility: dynamically view your proposed shift patterns before and after they go live. Arrange, rearrange and redeploy with ease,
    significantly reducing the amount of time you need to devote to timetabling.

  • Automatically avoid availability conflicts and incorporate your organisational rules (e.g. weekly maximum allowable hours).

  • Make changes in an instant, such as shift swaps and availability updates.

  • Set automatic updates for relevant employees when rosters go live and when changes are made.
  • Rostering optimisation and add-ons are available, to help you meet organisation-specific requirements.

Empowering Your Employees 

  • Set a simple ‘start of workday’ touchpoint. Based on organisational psychology, the single touchpoint approach from Jarvis recognises that employees operate best when they have everything they need to get on with the job - right from the outset.

  • Customisable daily schedules for employees. Provide each team member with a role-specific daily schedule, covering key information such as meetings they need to attend, where they will be based, tasks to complete, and who to report to - or who they will be managing.

  • Remove the need for irrelevant notifications, nudges and interruptions.

Optimising Your Internal Communications

  • Push notifications. Use Jarvis to distribute pulse surveys, links and posts through simple notifications to employees’ phones.

  • Useful for distributing key information (and requests for information) to employees, e.g. surveys, forms and official guidance updates.

  • Log employee responses automatically, without having to manually check email threads.

Connecting Your Internal Systems

  • NHS Connected can be used with your existing internal systems, including email, calendar, CRM, ERP, shift management and payroll.

  • A single conversational interface. For team members, answers to HR questions often lie buried in multiple systems. Through a single, easy-to-use API, staff can ‘talk’ to all of these systems at once, submit search requests and get instant answers.

  • Eliminate the need for disparate sign-ins and bookmarks. No need for staff to log onto one portal for payroll and another to check this week’s rosters: a single digital assistant provides simple, secure access to it all.

Key benefits

Save time with easy rostering

Reduce the need for in-person rostering meetings and make necessary changes to shift timetables easily and quickly

Improve onboarding

Ease the onboarding process for new starters

Free up staff

Avoid bombarding staff with unnecessary or irrelevant notifications

Reduce admin tasks

Free up skeleton HR teams by reducing the need to field routine queries

Your team is in safe hands

  • Deploy NHS Connected remotely, with no unnecessary travel or in-person meetings required.

  • Full support provided, including virtual workshops with your on-site IT team and end-users to advise on implementation, along with virtual design & planning consultations, should you require bespoke development to meet specific organisational needs.

  • With NHS Connected, all your data continues to reside on your existing systems, creating no additional data protection risks.

  • Developed in partnership with Software Imaging by MHR, the UK’s leading name for world-class HR software solutions.

  • A proven track record in public sector digital transformation.
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