COVID-19 Connected Digital Assistant


Essential, customisable coronavirus support for all your team, all in one place

A customisable Digital Assistant toolkit that can be used across any bot platform that will allow you to access timely and important information in relation to COVID - 19 using key public information sources and any of your defined company sources. A Digital Assistant that can provide timely alerts which makes it ideal for all remote workers.

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We want to do all we can to help you support your teams. Looking to the future, in areas such as HR, IT support, onboarding and employee wellbeing, we believe People Connected will be key to our customers taking full advantage of new modes of working.

What you’ll learn:

- COVID-19 Connected feature rundown

- Introduction to our Digital Assistant platform talksuite and what it can do for you

- Demonstration of our available Digital Assistants: COVID-19 Connected and People Connected 

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Why COVID-19 Connected?

What Your People Need

Against an unprecedented backdrop and an abrupt shift to home working, newly uprooted workforces deserve information that’s relevant, delivered by people they can trust.

COVID-19 Connect has been developed specifically by MHR Analytics to meet this need. This resource is suitable for deployment by all UK public and private sector employers across any bot platform in use and is available for immediate use - completely free of charge

Trustworthy & Personalised

With oversight from MHR, one of the UK’s leading names in HR support, the Digital Assistant provides up-to-date, officially sourced coronavirus-related information direct to your workforce. This is customisable so you can upload organisation-specific questions and answers to help and support with ease.


Right now, anxious teams want to be able to cut through the noise. They need to interrogate often complex information, ask questions and get workable answers. It’s why we have put our powerful Talksuite technology to work. With the COVID-19 Connect Digital Assistant, teams can drill into both internal and public-domain resources, ask questions and get instant answers.

Inform, support and reassure your people - wherever they are today.

What’s included

Information Hub

Employees, through a single touch point have access to information both of which are publicly and internally available from their company. The Digital Assistant connects to multiple systems and data sources to provide a single point of reference when working from home.

  • Fast access to COVID-19 related information sources, including UK Gov, PHE, NHS and WHO

  • Useful guidance for home workers with key announcements delivered by desktop alerts

  • Customisable for adding organisation-specific question and answer resources to shape your very own hub, including HR guidance, briefings for home workers and technical support

  • Available instantly to deploy and add to your hub with no technical or development input needed

Digital Assistant

  • Q&A bot incorporating all of the resources contained in your information hub

  • Provides instant answers to key questions

  • Delivers key announcements by desktop alerts

  • Automated, relevant responses mean fewer direct queries, reducing pressure on your HR, technical and managerial team

An Evolving Resource

Being told suddenly to stay put takes a lot of getting used to. We get it - and we are committed to helping you and your people adjust.

It’s why, over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be rolling out exactly the type of resources designed to make things a little easier. From wellbeing check-ins through to virtual watercoolers, expect a healthy supply of tools, tips and positive vibes.

Get instant access to COVID-19 Connected

  • Available to businesses and organisations of all sizes

  • No minimum or maximum employee limits

  • Free to adopt, roll out and customise

  • No development required with instructions provided for implementation and access across any bot platform 

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