Intensive, targeted and cost-effective, our Fast Start service helps transform Power BI into your most valuable organisational tool

Microsoft’s business intelligence solution too often sits unused or under-used in the software stack. It isn’t always accessed by users who would benefit from it. These are the costly missed opportunities that MHR Analytics can help you avoid.

Power BI Fast Start includes everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily, including assessment of your organisational requirements, installation, configuration, modelling, reporting, training and more.

To finally realise the benefits of Power BI, your journey starts here.


Who will benefit from Power BI Fast Start?

New Power BI customers

Lay the right foundations for a successful Power BI implementation project. As a three-times Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, we use best practice approaches to cover key areas such as data connection, configuration and feature orientation. Our service helps you achieve maximum reporting power and analytical muscle from your new solution, right from the start.

Free licence recipients

Has your organisation, education establishment or not-for-profit received subsidised or even free of charge Power BI licences by Microsoft? Through scoping and tailored implementation advice, we can help you uncover the areas where this incredibly valuable resource can have maximum impact.

Bundled Microsoft 365 customers

Power BI access is provided automatically with higher tier Microsoft 365 licences. By tapping into our expertise, we can help you bring this existing asset into play. Identify the instances where Power BI can offer advantages over legacy tools and processes. Overcome the technical and end user-focused barriers that may be preventing wider utilisation within your organisation.

Unused individual licences

Day-to-day Power BI usage is sometimes limited to a select few power users. Other key business insiders may ignore it, despite having licence permission to put it to work. Our Fast Start helps you avoid this, identifying scope for wider adoption and providing practical support for end users.

Webinar | Crossing the Power BI Chasm

If you'd like to learn more about maximising your BI ROI before you book a Fast Start session, join our webinar on Thursday 15th April at 2pm


Fast Start - What you get

Unlock your ideal Power BI set-up: introducing our tailored implementation program, designed for rapid return on investment

Targeted help

We agree the full scope of the program with you beforehand, enabling us to cover precisely the areas you need.

Strategy defined

Help with mapping out what you want to achieve with Power BI and what this will involve. Understand how much it would cost for you to transform business intelligence in your organisation.

Set-up woes solved

Expert advice on installation, configuration and connecting on-premise data sources to the cloud.

Core functions de-mystified

Including model building, reporting and dashboard optimisation.

Automation explained

Learn how to build data refresh processes and set up automation routines using Power Apps and Power Automate.

Key questions answered

Including a comprehensive knowledge transfer to power users.

Benefits: Get on the fast-track for Power BI success

  • The most cost-effective way to tap into BI knowledge and expertise from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

  • Rapidly unleash the full potential of Power BI, including easy-to-create charts and visualisations, more effective KPI tracking, less time-consuming reporting, ‘what if’ forecasting and more.

  • Uncover the hidden use cases for BI and analytics within your organisation.

  • No more wasted opportunity costs: make sure you reap maximum benefit from existing Microsoft licences.

  • Assistance with a seamless iTrent integration for MHR customers.