What do you want to achieve with your data? How close are you to meeting your ambitions? How can you build on what already have in place, and what additional tools, architectures and processes does your business need for success?

Through our Data Strategy Workshop, we enable you to answer these questions, resulting in a strategy you can finally put to work.

Our specialist team works with you to understand your existing set-up, your objectives, challenges and data voids. Putting our experience and unbiased product knowledge to work, we then provide you with a report of personalised recommendations to support your objectives.

Our aim is for you to achieve clarity on your goals, an understanding of what’s possible, along with the most useful possible roadmap for getting you there.


Why do you need a Data Strategy Workshop? 

Right now, we know that expectations are high. Decision makers from across the business are seeking faster, more accurate reporting and insights. They want to understand not just what has happened already, but also to predict what’s around the corner. 

Data - and your ability to put it to work - is crucial to meeting these expectations. But success is not automatic; especially if you are grappling with multiple data sources, categories and systems.

Kickstart your data transformation journey 

You are likely to have experienced a proliferation of data volumes and categories over recent years. There is a realisation within the business that this data carries untapped potential. However, efforts to make the most of it are just not getting off the ground. 

Our Data Strategy Workshop delivers a blueprint for action, helping to turn vague ambitions into a feasible plan. Data managers and technical leads within your company get a clearer course of action. Armed with this expert-led analysis of your requirements and summary of potential benefits, it also becomes a lot easier to achieve buy-in from senior management. 

Discover where, how and why you could do better

Your reporting requirements have likely become more complex. However, it is clear that your existing data processes, tools and storage methods have failed to keep pace. Something needs to change: the question is what. 

Our Data Strategy Workshop identifies the bottlenecks preventing you from achieving your desired outcomes. It may be a case of recommending modifications to your existing set-up. Alternatively, a new deployment model, storage services, analytics technologies or training may be a better fit. 

Whatever your stage of data maturity, you can expect a full and frank appraisal of where and how improvements can be made, based on best practice. Where replacements or additions to your technology stack are recommended, this is based on a product-agnostic assessment.    

Achieve maximum return on investment 

The landscape for analytics, business intelligence and data storage services can be bewildering. There are some formidable options out there. However, the question to ask is not “What is the best product?” but rather, “What is the best option for us?”.  

The Data Strategy Workshop can stop you from making expensive mistakes, both in terms of technology choices and in navigating license options. It can also show you how to make the most of existing tools, to avoid existing licenses being stuck on the shelf, to extract maximum performance, productivity and business value from your investment.

Webinar | Crossing the Power BI Chasm

If you'd like to learn more about maximising your BI ROI before you book a Fast Start session, watch our webinar on demand today.


What you get 

Business Assessment 

Liaising closely with your internal team, our experts become familiar with your organisation’s current operating model, objectives, processes and challenges. What is - and isn’t working? Are there opportunities to make better use of your data that have been overlooked? This provides a bedrock for an assessment of your existing capabilities, and for formulating business-specific recommendations. 

Data Architecture Review 

We examine your current data sources, formatting, quality controls, governance and storage methods. 

Reporting and Analytics Review 

What are your operational and regulatory reporting requirements? What insights do employees require, and are they currently able to access this information at the point of need? We appraise your reporting, modelling and BI capabilities and processes to determine where improvements can be made. 

A Workable Strategy 

After the workshop, our detailed report provides a strategy: one that is clear, achievable, based on best-fit tools and processes, and directly linked to your desired outcomes.  

Specific recommendations typically cover the following:

- Architecture and data warehousing improvements to eliminate pain points linked to data access and storage. 

- How to best utilise data, BI tools and reporting services to ensure timely and accurate information is available to the people who need it.  

Benefits: Uncover the ‘What?’ ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ of Data Transformation

  • Gain the foundations you need for consistent, accurate reporting, analysis and business intelligence

  • Discover your best route forward for consolidating data from multiple sources for analysis 

  • Uncover new opportunities for making the most of your data

  • Get practical advice on converting drawing-board projects and potential initiatives into a reality 

  • Realise maximum efficiency and productivity from existing processes and technologies

  • Tap into our expertise and advice on data architecture, best-in-class technology, process optimisation and reporting best practice, all in one place