Planning and Analytics Buyers Guide

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Produced in partnership with Accountancy Age, our Planning & Analytics Buyers Guide looks at how planning analytics tools can help organisations pick up the pieces from the pandemic and power forward.

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What can Planning Analytics do for you?

Move beyond the ancient world of Microsoft Excel and into smooth planning and collaboration with IBM Planning Analytics.

You’ll be able to filter and drill into your data in order to support data-driven decision-making within your organisation. Planning Analytics tools can help your team gain deeper and more accurate insights.

The power of having organised, visual data can transform every aspect of the planning cycle. It will assist with target setting and budgeting, to scorecarding, forecasting and reporting.

Planning Analytics
Planning Analytics Buyers Guide

What's included in the Planning & Analytics Buyers Guide?

  • An overview of what planning analytics tools are

  • What can be achieved with planning analytics tools

  • What to look for in a planning analytics tool

  • How to maximise your returns

  • Prepare your organisation for what’s in store in 2021

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