What Is IBM Planning Analytics?

The way forward to swift, accurate reporting and insight starts here.

IBM Planning Analytics provides a single workspace for planning, budgeting, forecasting, data analysis and performance management.

Planning Analytics is fast, powerful and easy to use. It automates spreadsheet-based processes, puts insights in the hands of the people who matter, and equips you to steer organisational performance in a targeted, effective way.

Select a deployment model that fits your organisational requirements: on-cloud, on-premise or mixed. A range of pricing models is available, suitable to meet the needs of enterprise, public sector bodies and smaller organisations.

Offering a flexible range of expert consultancy, upgrade, implementation, training and support services, for getting the most out of IBM Planning Analytics, we’re with you all the way.


IBM Planning Analytics New Features - 1st Edition
Guided Applications & Plans

This is the first of three videos introducing the new features that have been released for IBM Planning Analytics. In this first edition Mark White, talks about the changes to Guided Applications and Plan.

IBM Planning Analytics New Features - 2nd Edition
Predictive forecasting using statistical algorithms

In this second video of the series, Mark White talks about predictive forecasting using statistical algorithms and how this can benefit your organisation. Plan ahead for 2021 using these new features.

IBM Planning Analytics New Features - 3rd Edition
Enhancements to the User Interface

In this third video of the series, Mark White talks about the enhancements to the new IBM Planning Analytics user interface. These changes make the solution a lot easier for users, watch the video to find out the changes.

Run ahead with Planning Analytics

For many organisations, spreadsheets are the go-to resource for planning – but let’s face it, managing Excel documents takes up precious time and can leave room for human error. On top of this, relying solely on spreadsheets makes it difficult to create budgets and forecasts that are both timely and reliable. This leaves decision-making based on spooky intuition rather than hard facts, and can hold you back from reaching your true potential.

IBM Planning Analytics (formerly known as Cognos TM1), powered by IBM TM1, automates your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It transforms your entire planning cycle by giving you complete visibility, and gives you the freedom to plan with confidence.

IBM Planning Analytics AKA Cognos TM1 Screenshot on an apple mac screen with graphs and data

Key IBM Planning Analytics Features:

The IBM Planning Analytics tool can provide you with a customisable workspace, allowing you to fully align it to your business needs and obtain the best insights from your data.

It enables full integration of your data sources, including SAP and Oracle, meaning that you can collaborate your data across teams, whilst still having the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

IBM Planning Analytics allows you to flexibility deploy your queries on a large-scale, giving you the ability to keep up with your ever-evolving data as your organisation grows.

You can scenario model on a multidimensional level so that you're able to understand the potential impact of your decisions before having to make a commitment and get one step ahead of changing circumstances.

Your ability to automatically uncover predictive insights will be unleashed, allowing you to be a forward-thinking company and eliminate the time wasted on manual processes.

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  • Start instantly and grow quickly

  • Get ease of use without complexity

  • Automate plans, analyses and reports


  • Quickly align financial plans, corporate objectives, operational tactics and market events

  • Easily adapt systems to changing business strategies and realities


  • Make analytics easy for everyone to infer trends, explore drivers, model scenarios and visualise impact

  • Leverage external data to anticipate the future

Planning Analytics for Public Sector

• Align budgets and resources, re-deploy budgets to meet critical objectives and lower costs

• Plan and forecast for various funds, taxes and revenue streams, and model scenarios, making the best of available resources

• Plan for long-term goals and fundraising campaigns with an executable strategy

• Continuously align financial plans with objectives linked to operating plans and events

• Plan and budget across departments for headcount Faculty salary planning

Planning Analytics for Private Sector

• Understand the profitability of customers and products

• Improve the planning of resources and stock

• Continuously align financial plans with corporate objectives linked to operating plans and market events

• Achieve greater efficiency in in business planning leading to reduced costs and greater margins in operations

• Personalise offerings and communication to engage customers through data insights

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