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Make faster, better and  more informed decisions

Managing all of your important data, arriving from multiple sources simultaneously, is a challenge. Even more so when you need to utilise that data to benefit your business quickly. 

Data modelling and accurate reporting creation has always proved to be challenging and sometimes even daunting for non-specialists. With IBM Cognos Analytics Software you can finally have reliable self-service data visualisation driven from one manageable place. 

What does IBM Cognos Analytics do?

IBM Cognos Analytics is a complete business intelligence (BI) platform built to help visualise, analyse and share actionable insights with built in AI to help uncover patterns in your data and display key findings. It is built specifically to speed up lengthy data preparation analysis, report collation and sharing of critical insights.

The platform will allow you to create beautiful dashboards and reports, cleansing and combining your data from multiple sources. It will allow data to be visualised faster and easier than ever before and you can share actionable insights with your team and across your organisation to make better decisions.


IBM Cognos screen

What advantages does IBM Cognos Analytics provide?

Deploying IBM Cognos Analytics with MHR Analytics allows your business to:

  • Save time with automated data preparation

  • Reduce costs and improve accuracy

  • Protect important or sensitive data

  • Visualise business performance

  • Share critical insights

  • Develop ease of collaboration within teams

Clean and combine data in minutes

Import spreadsheets, CSV files and many other data sources all via the cloud or onsite databases to track, analyse, and take action on key metrics that really matter to your business. 

IBM Cognos Analytics combines all data sources and allows you to drag and drop the key data onto the canvas to start building reports and powerful visualisations.

You’ll be able to interrogate your data and customise the output wherever you need to, which can then be shared easily across your organisation. 

Getting a return from your data

As a leading Gold IBM Partner, we’ll ensure you’ve got highly reliable data you can manage, trust and use. We’ll begin by understanding the integrity of the data that’s being processed. We’ll build easy to use dashboards and show your team how to get the best out of IBM Cognos Analytics.

We will then provide ongoing support to ensure your modelling and visualisations are adding value to your business and that you can access the information where and when you need to. You’ll be able to trust in us as a natural extension to your existing team.

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