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  • Visual representations of the Gender Pay Gap Manual Metrics, which are easy to understand at all levels of your organisation.

  • Further insights into salary distributions to pinpoint key drivers for your organisation.

  • Instant insights with rapid deployment on top of your existing Gender Pay Gap data.

  • Publish the reports directly to your website.


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Our pre-built pack within Business Objects can be deployed rapidly to work with your existing gender pay data, giving you the insights you need to get started on a plan of action immediately.

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Stay compliant

The Gender Pay Gap for all UK employees currently stands at a staggering 18.1% (ONS, 2017) and the Government needs you to take action. From April 2017, all UK employers with more than 250 staff must publish the following statistics on their own website and submit them to a government website:

1. Gender Pay Gap (mean and median averages)

2. Gender Bonus Gap (mean and median averages)

3. Proportion of men and women receiving bonuses

4. Proportion of men and women in each quartile of the pay structure

Despite this, 82% of organisations are not reviewing their gender equality pay policy and 58% do not have salary information across roles and genders (Total Jobs, 2017).

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Drive change with key insights

Our Business Intelligence experts have developed a tailored solution for a deeper insight into what is driving your Gender Pay Gap, using your data to report on the above requirements.

Custom visualisations and extended analysis on salary distributions allow you to pinpoint areas for improvement and easily demonstrate your results to those with the power to make a difference.

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