Planning Applications


Financial Workforce Planning (FWP)

Gain a full-organisation view of your Financial Workforce Planning. Take control of your workforce costs so you can effectively plan for organisational changes and restructures and make accurate decisions.

Local Government Financial Planning & Analysis

Links your key information – from operations through to income and expenditure, balance sheet and cash flow. This can be linked to FWP to produce detailed a Medium Term Financial Strategy outputs, comparing the available budget with predicted demand decades into the future. 

Manufacturing Financial Planning & Analysis

Links your profit & loss account, balance sheet and cash flow with operational information such as stock calculations, sales information, capacity details. This works to create a holistic picture of the business to enable accurate and efficient planning.

Financial Planning & Analysis Models

General finance-based fast-start for reporting analysis, budgeting forecasting and more. Configured to organisational and sector requirements, including complex allocation models.

Cashflow Modelling

Complex driver-based cash flow modelling that can be completed over multiple timeframes – including on a daily basis. It also accounts for international influences such as varying bank holidays and currency what-if analysis.

Higher Education I&E Balance Sheet cashflow

Can be used as a stand-alone solution or linked to income models such as fee planning, capital expenditure models and detailed workforce planning capabilities. Reporting and analysis give clear cost transparency including commitment accounting needs.

Higher Education Student Fee Planning

Predict future revenues, break-down retention rates by student type, test different retention scenarios and link to FWP to gain insight into the profitability of courses. Designed to help you easily keep up with curriculum changes and understand how these changes impact your organisation.

Airline Revenue Modelling

Includes existing and new route modelling based on existing drivers, passenger capacity, aircraft configuration and more. View sales analysis from cart sales to gain insight into supply chain and demand.


Lease accounting to ensure IFRS 16 compliance. Pull data from multiple systems and store, manage and update information with ease. Automates complex calculations to give you peace of mind that all your lease calculations are accurate.

Financial Consolidation

Solutions to meet a variety of consolidation requirements – from simple monthly management accounting, to complex multi-ownership and multi-currency needs.


Sales Forecasting & Analytics

Understand the various drivers of sales at a granular level – right down to the customer and product level to produce accurate sales forecasts.

Price Modelling

Product/service-level price model to help determine key markets and gain further insight into customer profitability.

Sales Compensation Modelling

Driver-based modelling to improve operations and overall sales performance. Includes what-if analysis to demonstrate how different incentive compensation plans impact performance, in addition to sales territory management and quota administration.

Geographical Sales Planning and Modelling

Optimise sales planning and understand currency impacts on business revenues and costs.


Workforce Planning

Use scenario planning to understand how factors such as the living wage and changes to staffing structure will impact your organisation. Automate your people budgeting processes to create timely and accurate reports and gain central control of your budget status.

Salary and Compensation Planning

Create and review salaries, compensation and bonus plans by employee, by cost centre department or by manager. Compare top-down allocation to bottom-up adjustments, and automate the assessment of eligibility based on performance rank/length of service etc.

Resource Capacity Planning

Models to manage your billable resources effectively and efficiently by project, project type or department. This also includes scenario testing to manage associated costs.


Supply Chain

Sales & Operation Planning

Match your high-level strategy with day-to-day operational tactics across departments. Manage the supply chain, optimise resources, and maximise profits. Integrate and align sales plans with production planning and marketing, stock and financial plans.

Demand Planning

Helps create supply chain plans that are smooth, synchronised and responsive.

This works to help to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve margins by leveraging deep insights and understanding key business drivers.


IT Financial Management

Helps to automatically calculate the actual consumption of IT services within the business and allocate by department accordingly. Key analysis provides continuous control during the budgeting and reporting period to identify key variance movements.

IT Cost Planning

Assess IT costs, cost control and add value. Understand where costs are created and budgets are allocated. Create analysis and reports to help prove the value of your IT function to stakeholders and identify short-term cost savings.


Reports & Planning

Data collection through financial and case management systems to provide reports based on time recording information, recovery rates, billing work-in-progress by practice department fee earner and more. Includes driver-based planning to produce multiple budget/forecast versions based on different factors. 

Local Authority

Medium and Long term financial Strategy

Collects data from multiple sources including demographic and asset data to compare your available budget with the predicted demand. This works to produce medium and long-range forecasts for both your cash flow and your income & expenditure balance sheet and allows you to monitor key KPIs.

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