Finance Transformation

Put data at the heart of your financial initiatives

Valuable finance transformation is about changing not what your finance department does, but what it’s for.

It's about getting the most out of your data, automating your finance admin, empowering your finance team, and identifying growth opportunities. 

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Why do you need finance transformation?

Too often, the job of finance teams and reporting departments is much harder than it should be. They become bogged down in number crunching and routine reporting, leaving little time for strategy. The answers to critical questions are in the figures, but unlocking them takes too long.

We specialise in helping organisations like yours transform their finance department into a strategic powerhouse. We give you the tools and know-how to automate key tasks, putting insights into the hands of the people who need them, and equipping you to make the right, strategic decisions faster and with confidence.

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How we can help your business

From scenario planning to automation, compliance, analytics, and data integrity, we offer a flexible range of expert consultancy, upgrade, implementation, training, and support services, and are here to support every step of your financial transformation journey.

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Planning Analytics

Planning software helps finance teams to move beyond the world of Microsoft Excel and into the world of validating data and planning with confidence. 

You’ll be able to filter and drill into your data in order to support data-driven decision-making within your organisation. The power of having organised, visual data can transform every aspect of the planning cycle. It will assist with target setting and budgeting, to scorecarding, forecasting, and reporting.

IBM Planning Analytics is one tool that provides a single workspace for planning, budgeting, forecasting, data analysis, and performance management. 

Download the Planning and Analytics Buyer's Guide, produced in partnership with AccountancyAge, to know what to look for in a planning tool, to maximise your returns.

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Planning Analytics Buyers Guide
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Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A)

Gartner has coined the phrase extended planning and analysis (xP&A) to describe the trend that suggests by 2024, 70% of all new planning and analysis projects will reach beyond finance to support operational processes.

Traditional financial planning and analysis (FP&A), links revenue, expenses, and capital expenditure data and pulls these elements together for budgeting, reporting, and forecasting. As its name suggests, FP&A’s focus is from the financial perspective.

xP&A takes the automated planning tools and processes used by finance and extends their usage to operational planners. The end result is that everyone - from departmental managers through to the CFO and wider C-suite - gets a more complete and up-to-date view of the business. 

We're hosting a webinar demonstrating how to achieve xP&A. Find out more and register to attend here.

Financial Consolidation 

Whether faced with organisational consolidation or restructuring, finance teams will be under pressure to plan and report more accurately and more efficiently. 

CCH Tagetik is an award-winning cloud consolidation system that is surging to the forefront and helping finance teams gain control of their close, consolidation and reporting processes. Organisations need to become more automated, have greater transparency and gain better control over their complete consolidation process.

Watch our financial consolidation webinar on-demand to learn how to automate and improve efficiencies within your financial processes and reporting, and for a live demonstration of the financial platform. 

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Useful downloadable resources to help with your finance transformation

Finance Transformation Whitepaper

We've teamed up with GenerationCFO to write a whitepaper. Download it for practical advice on how you can transform your finance team to meet the changing expectations of your organisation.

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Efficiency in Finance Report

What will the road to 2022 look like for the evolving finance function? Get prepared and stay ahead with our latest research report in partnership with AccountancyAge, which unpicks the three main areas of focus for finance leaders.

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IFRS 16 Essentials Guide

IFRS 16 is not just a major accounting change for the public sector but a significant data management challenge. Ensure you're prepared for the April 2022 deadline and download our IFRS 16 Essentials guide.

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