Data Transformation and BI

Maximise the return from your data

At some point all businesses need to transform their data in order to reduce risk and cost. This can be as a result of a divestment, the identification of Redundant, Outdated and Trivial (ROT) data or simply down to Government changes in regulations, as we saw with GDPR.

Reviewing both structured and unstructured datasets with organisations can be a complex procedure. This is because data often exists across multiple sources and legacy repositories.


Getting started with Data Transformation

You undertake Data Transformation in most cases to extract data from one source and convert it to a useable format is another destination.

The process is  known as ETL (Extract Transform Load) or ELT (Extract Load Transform). With the ETL process data is extracted from its source and then transformed before being loaded to the new location. In ELT models the data is not transformed on entry to the data lake but stored in its original raw format then transformed later.

How we transform data quickly

Utilising  Microsofts Azure Data Factory we provide your business with access to a service specifically built for data integration. Whatever your requirement and skill level, with our help you’ll be able to construct ETL and ELT processes code-free within an intuitive visual environment or write your own code if you prefer.

We can visually integrate data sources using more than 90+ natively built and maintenance-free connectors. This allows us to focus on your data, while the serverless integration service does the rest.

Azure Data Factory

The advantages of using Azure Data Factory

There are a number of key advantages to implementing Azure Data Factory with MHR Analytics including:

  • No code or maintenance requirement

  • Cost-efficient and fully managed server-less cloud data

  • Scalability on demand

  • Security measures to connect to on-premises, cloud-based and software solutions

  • Easily re-host on-premises SSIS packages in the cloud

Data Transformation assistance

With our support and guidance, you’ll be able to develop simple and comprehensive ETL and ELT processes without coding or maintenance requirements.

Once established you’ll be able to ingest, move, prepare, transform and process data in just a few easy clicks. What was once a headache will be simple and hassle free.

Reducing overhead costs

We can support with the migration of your SQL Server DB to the cloud, preserving any ETL processes and reducing operational complexity with a fully managed experience using Azure Data Factory

Key Data Factory resources

There are a number of resources including mapping data and control flows, creating predefined templates and setting triggers.

These provide benefits including the development of graphical data logic at scale, creating common, repeatable tasks, automating pipeline runs and scheduling triggers.

Global access

Azure Data Factory is available in more than 25 countries/regions and the data movement service helps to ensure data compliance, efficiency and reduced network costs.

With our support this means wherever you are globally we can protect your data and ensure that it continues to work for you.

Getting help with Data Transformation

If all this sounds a lot to take in then speak with us and we will guide you through the process of transforming the way you use your data.

With our experience, technology and analytics to review all the data you hold onsite or offsite, including in the cloud, we can make key recommendations to advise you on the data that requires transformation.

Our team will then support you with the consolidation, transfer, deletion or archiving of data.


Data Transformation is a key step in opening up a full range of possibilities  and we can help you maximise the returns from your data with any of the following areas: