Corporate Performance Management

CPM Software with CCH Tagetik

In Finance, there is a critical balance which requires the delivery of compliant processes including the closing, reporting and disclosing of financial information alongside the forecasting and modelling for future impacts to any organisation.

For some businesses, it’s about having firmer control over their financial destiny, for others it about enabling the capability in having more freedom to develop multiple scenarios and modelling opportunities that will influence future investment.

CCH Tagetik is internationally recognised by top market analysts as a leading Corporate Performance Management software provider for any organisation looking to unify financial and operation platforms. Strategic, financial and operational decisions are all made more intuitive with this cloud-based solution.


Why is Corporate Performance Management important?

It simplifies complicated business processes. The solution ensures your business has direct access to accurate financial performance information that will enable more informed decision making. These decisions are made with a clear understanding of profitability and cost.

It ensures that you fully comply with all-important regulatory reporting and eases the burden of financial close by automating processes and supports with disclosure management.

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What are the advantages of using the CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management solution?

It enables your Office of Finance to be at the centre of strategic decision making allowing you to:-

  • Unify financial data from all areas of your business

  • Manage and automate all financial processes

  • Reduce consolidation, planning and reporting time

  • Provide regulatory compliance

  • Reduce manual entry and error handling

Starting out with a Corporate Performance Management solution

We’ll break down your business financial and reporting requirements and work in partnership with you to build bespoke solutions that deliver against your business and regulatory requirements.

Our partnership will ensure all scenarios are taken care of. Our consultancy services deliver you the CCH Tagetik solution for all your Corporate Performance needs in one unified model.

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