Cloud Migration & Optimisation

Expert support for a smoother cloud migration journey

What stage are you at with migrating your data to the cloud? Where do you want to go? Our cloud consultancy team has the know-how and experience to get you there.

Combining deep technical knowledge with the ability to grasp the dynamics of your business, our migration experts can help you assess your requirements, provide advice, plan and deliver the next steps in your migration strategy.


Migrate, Analyse, Succeed

With MHR Analytics, our migration consultancy runs alongside unrivalled expertise in business intelligence, data analytics, reporting and planning. We don’t just get your data onto the cloud. We equip you to make the most of it.


Flexible support for cloud transformation

Levels of cloud maturity vary widely. But whatever stage you are at with migration, it is never too early or too late to benefit from expert input.



Planning & Foundational

To scale your processes and drive efficiency, you may be exploring the possibility of shifting away from on-premise servers for the first time. However, you are yet to formulate a plan for achieving this.


You may be in the midst of migrating some processes and datasets to the cloud already. But so far, this has been carried out on an ad-hoc basis. For future steps, you are looking to orchestrate your approach, to flesh out your initial plans, to link disparate systems and avoid trial & error.


Are you getting the most out of your new cloud set-up? Get expert advice on ways to improve performance, streamline the management of your cloud environment, optimise costs and capitalise on new opportunities. A fresh perspective from our expert team can be invaluable in helping you reach your full cloud potential.

Our targeted approach...

Rejecting rigid service packages, MHR Analytics takes an entirely flexible consultancy approach. Whatever level of input you require, we can help. Everything you need - and nothing you don’t.

How we can help


Pre-migration analysis

  • Assessment of your desired outcomes for cloud migration, timescales, operational requirements and performance demands.

  • Appraisal of your existing infrastructure and data warehousing to determine the most appropriate remodelling based on business needs. This can help to streamline your IT architecture and reduce your spend.

  • Define KPIs covering areas such as component performance and business user engagement rates. This equips you to measure the success of your cloud project post-implementation.

Migration planning

  • Planning to ensure that all migrated items will be ready, functioning and intact in their new environment - with no surprises.

  • Prioritisation of migration tasks based on business needs. Establishing clear project phases and realistic timeframes to minimise disruption.

  • Where needed, refactoring or reconfiguration of applications and data assets prior to migration.

  • Advice on storage formats to match various data categories and access requirements. Examples include Blobs for vast quantities of unstructured data and virtual hard disks for virtual machines.

  • Input and advice with data cleansing, testing and verification.


  • Assistance on configuration to ensure alignment with organisational goals.

  • Advice on the applicability tools and services ancillary to your cloud environment, to ensure that any adaptations you make will be of genuine value to the business.

Don’t just migrate your data. Transform it into insight

The Problem

Migration is never the end goal. The true objective is to put that data to work, to analyse it and to drive better business decisions.

For this, you need the ability to query your data at speed. Your cloud hosting solution must be compatible with ever-more demanding analysis methods. And especially if you are looking for near or real-time insights, your architecture has to be able to handle frequent data updates.

The Solution

Trusted, powerful, flexible and secure, Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing Platform helps you create precisely the storage environment you need to support your organisation’s digital transformation. This includes advanced and predictive analytics initiatives, as well as projects that involve the capture and analysis of vast quantities of IoT data.

Azure includes a myriad of services and storage tiers to meet virtually all data categories and usage scenarios. We guide you through it all.

Starting with a thorough scoping of your data and user needs, our consultants can help you identify and implement the optimal combination of storage services to support your projects.

The end result is a storage environment that is both easy to manage and fully scalable.



Next Steps



Our Cloud Migration & Optimisation team is committed to de-risking the cloud journey, offering organisations a full menu of support to help you plan, deploy and optimise your cloud-based data environment. To learn more about these risks and how we address them, download our guide.



For a free, no obligation scoping session with a cloud migration and optimisation expert, speak to us today.


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Want to know more about the Azure cloud platform? Aimed at public sector organisations, we will shortly be running a series of events in partnership with Microsoft, designed to help you harness the power of Azure. We currently have a small number of free tickets to give away for what will be a popular programme (typically priced at £250 per attendee). Pre-register now to get hold of one.