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Where digital transformation is the goal, Microsoft Azure offers the canvas you need to reach it. This leading Cloud platform covers virtual computing, analytics, storage, networking and much more. Flexible, cost-effective and with new services added continually, it supplies the ideal environment for scaling up, for faster development and for staying ahead of the competition.

Moving your most important applications, databases and processes to the Cloud is always a significant step. And with 600+ features within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, realising its full potential requires first class product knowledge along with a thorough understanding of your business needs.

MHR Analytics is a Microsoft Gold Partner, specialising in delivering successful Azure adoption projects. Our team of Azure experts provides full support to help you plan, deploy and optimise your entire Azure environment.


What can Azure do for you?

MHR Analytics can help you put Azure to work in the following areas:


Windows Virtual Desktop: Microsoft’s full “Desktop-as-a-service” offering

  • Access. Employees can securely access their workstation from any device.

  • Flexibility. WVD is optimised for Office 365, with full Teams functionality. A variety of VM specifications are available to match user needs, including developers/designers/analysts with intensive workloads.

  • Lower costs. With WVD, storage and processing is taken care of within the Azure Cloud environment, helping reduce your reliance on costly hardware. Administration can be handled from a single console, easing your IT maintenance burden.

  • Smoother transition to Windows 10. Get free extended security updates for your Windows 7 virtual desktop on Azure until January 2023.  


  • Build what you want, where you want, using your tools and framework of choice.

  • Provide your team with a fully configured development environment in minutes. Create as many environments as you need and connect to them with the IDE of your choice.

  • Speed up project completion with breakpoint debugging, AI-powered completions and real-time co-editing.

  • Access additional debuggers, languages and other services from the Visual Studio Marketplace. Use GitHub Actions or Azure Pipelines to set up continuous integration or automation workflows.

  • Use Azure App Service for creating robust, mission-critical Web, Mobile, API and Logic apps. Create, test and deploy in the Cloud.

Active Directory (Azure AD)

  • Single Sign On enables secure access to your apps, enabling your teams to stay productive from anywhere.

  • Conditional Access and multi-factor authentication to protect and govern access. Manage identities to ensure the right people have access to the right resources.

  • Azure AD supports more than 2,800 pre-integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.


  • Access a range of storage options to meet all business needs. Store unstructured data at massive scale with Azure Blobs. Use a virtual hard disk for Azure virtual machines, a file system service for the Cloud and Azure Tables for storing flexible datasets.

  • All data written to an Azure storage account is encrypted by the service. You retain fine-grained control over access.

  • Authorised users can access data in Azure Storage from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS.


MHR Analytics: Plan, Migrate, Optimise, Succeed

MHR Analytics offers a menu of services, designed to de-risk your journey to the Cloud, to meet your business requirements and to ensure you reap the full benefits of the Azure platform.


Taking a consultative approach, we help you assess the current state of your IT environment and the business issues you want to address.

We help you determine which systems, databases and workloads would benefit from Cloud migration. This includes an assessment of storage options, along with analysis of which Azure features and add-ons are likely to be most relevant.

For many organisations, a hybrid model will be appropriate, with some systems migrating and others remaining on-premise. We ascertain which delivery model will be suitable, whether an industry standard or bespoke model.

We enable you to define KPIs and performance baselines covering areas such as user experience, component performance and business engagement rates.


We help you identify the most suitable migration approach, determining what should be migrated, and in what order. The aim is to ensure minimal business disruption.

We assist with refactoring existing applications and services so they perform as effectively and efficiently as possible within the Cloud.

This includes detailed data migration planning, including cleansing, validation, along with all modifications necessary to fit the new Cloud environment.


Putting our in-depth knowledge of Cloud infrastructure to work, we can provide ongoing assistance with security, governance and management.

We provide advice, guidance and project management input for internal Cloud projects to optimise performance and cost-effectiveness.

As the Azure environment evolves, we can help you avoid unnecessary spend by identifying underutilised or idle resources. This includes identifying focus areas to assist in optimising Azure usage.

Business Outcomes


Scale and optimise business processes and development projects through the use of best-in-class Cloud technology. Develop, test and deploy your apps and other services quicker, and at lower cost.


With automated updates, reduced maintenance requirements and the removal of operational and physical overheads, the workload of internal IT teams is freed up for more valuable projects.


Take advantage of state of the art security and disaster recovery, fully compliant with global data protection regulations.


Pay only for what you use, with no upfront infrastructure costs.


Use Microsoft’s native analytics tools to support informed decisions. Equally, you can use Azure to host your choice of external data analytics, resource planning and performance management tools. With experience spanning Cloud hosting along with a whole range of business intelligence technologies, we can help you deploy the tools you need, using the framework of your choice.

Start your cloud journey


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Flexible, cost-effective and at the cutting edge of technology, Azure is the preferred solution for businesses looking to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

New services are added continually. Azure encompasses traditional Cloud offerings along with significant transformational benefits.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform where you can build, test, deploy and manage applications and services through Microsoft’s worldwide datacenters.

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