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SAP BusinessObjects is the key to unlocking the insight within your data, but are you using it to its full potential?

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When you first purchased BusinessObjects, you did so with the belief that it would help your business become better. Without necessary training from the outset, it’s difficult to tie BI into wider business objectives and to ensure that systems across the business are synced for maximum results.

On top of this, as your organisation evolves, the numerous changes can leave you having to tolerate annoyingly slow systems, frequent crashing and overall poor performance. This results in poor data insights, which can put BI initiatives at risk.

Despite all of the exciting capabilities that BusinessObjects has to offer, your current reality may have left you confused about how to realistically unlock these promises for your business.

MHR Analytics’ BusinessObjects Health Check was created with your concerns in mind. It helps you optimise system performance, fixes issues before they become a problem and gives you the tools you need to thrive.

Our SAP BusinessObjects Health Check will enable you to:

  • Implement appropriate best practices and review licencing compliance

  • Ensure scalability and growth of SAP BusinessObjects and data warehouse environments

  • Ensure the best model is deployed taking into account current and future requirements

  • Improve performance of existing environments to maximise your investment

  • Create a roadmap for meeting future business requirements

  • Implement new techniques, tools or technologies to improve user satisfaction

  • Increase data quality, consistency, reliability, and accuracy which in turn provides informed decision making


Our BusinessObjects experts will equip you with:

  • A report of the current health of your SAP BusinessObjects environment at each component level including highlighting any immediate risks

  • Best Practices Review for key universes, reports and dashboards

  • A list of recommendations where immediate changes can be implemented to address specific issues or shortcomings

  • A training plan to address identified education skill gaps for administrators, developer and end-users

  • A roadmap detailing specific actions/recommendations mapped to your organisation’s vision for business intelligence and analytics progression


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