Kick-start your Data Transformation

Maximise the return from your data with BI tools and consultancy

Are you able to make fast, strategic, and informed business decisions? Managing all of your critical business data, arriving from multiple sources simultaneously is a challenge.

Data modelling and accurate reporting have often proved to be a daunting task for non-specialists, but that doesn't need to be the case. We provide the tools and expertise to help our customers work smarter and increase their business competitiveness. 

We help our customers to automate insights from their data and use it more effectively through our range of flexible and scalable business intelligence (BI) solutions.


Unlock actionable insights with Microsoft Power BI

Combine a multitude of different data sources into one clear analytics and reporting platform, with Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI collects your company data, whether it's located locally or in the cloud, and provides quick and easy visual access to it. You can effectively get a live view of your business, allowing you to search and explore data quickly and easily, wherever you are based.

Simple, effective, secure, and detailed reporting that can be shared across your business, has never been easier to deliver. 

eBook: Delivering ROI from Power BI

Whether you're considering implementing Microsoft Power BI to connect all your different data sources and drive your strategy, or you've invested in the platform already and aren't yet generating a measurable ROI from it, this eBook will help you cross the chasm.


Webinar: Delivering ROI from Power BI

Research suggests that data-driven companies are 19x more likely to be profitable. The adoption of a BI platform is essential to stay ahead of the competition. But adoption alone isn't enough, there needs to be a plan to get you to the point of generating a measurable ROI. 


Power BI Fast Start Consultancy

Starting with your business goals and through to training and ongoing support, our team of expert Fast Start consultants have a track record of 750+ successful implementations and can help your leverage Power BI's full capabilities.

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Why kick-start your data transformation journey with MHR Analytics?

The landscape for analytics, business intelligence and data storage services can be bewildering. There are some formidable options out there. However, the question to ask is not “What is the best product?” but rather, “What is the best option for us?”.

Over recent years your reporting requirements have likely become more complex. However, it is clear that your existing data processes, tools, and storage methods have failed to keep pace. Something needs to change: the question is what. 

Whatever your stage of data maturity, you can expect a full appraisal of where and how improvements can be made from our expert team, based on best practices. Where replacements or additions to your technology stack are recommended, based on a product-agnostic assessment.


Don't know where to start? Book your Data Strategy Workshop

What do you want to achieve with your data? How close are you to meeting your ambitions? How can you build on what you already have in place, and what additional tools, architectures, and processes does your business need for success? 

Through our Data Strategy Workshop we enable you to answer these questions, resulting in a strategy you can finally put to work. 

Benefit from:

  • Unbiased product knowledge

  • Identification of the bottlenecks 

  • Stopping expensive mistakes

  • Faster, more accurate reporting and insights

  • Release untapped potential from your data

  • A blueprint for action

  • Maximum ROI