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Predict your businesses' future by understanding your present with our advanced analytics solutions.

By harnessing sophisticated online tools for data mining, big data and predictive analytics it is possible to recognise key trends, patterns and performance. Over time as the information collected increases, the results become clearer and more accurate.

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Understanding advanced analytics 

Advanced Analytics implements a range of different techniques such as data mining, statistical modelling, machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse the current data you store and help you to make accurate predictions about the future.

It’s a stand-alone solution which empowers your nominated users to spot opportunities in real-time, make fast and accurate predictions and act with confidence at the point of decision. By algorithmically analysing historical data it finds trends and patterns allowing you to visualise the relationships between elements.

By understanding these relationships, you can make better decisions. For example, knowing that a product generates more profit per unit versus another product at a certain time of the year may lead you to create a special promotion to increase sales.

Advanced Analytics Software

Advanced analytics software

Advanced analytics involves tapping into your big data sources using in-database analytics to scale. This means integrating predictive analytics and data mining into the full analytics lifecycle. The more time that then passes, and therefore data that is collected, only helps to further develop your trends and identifiable activities. Given time it is then really clear to see where trends, cycles and clusters form.

Integrating, blending, and applying the latest machine learning algorithms to discover patterns in data is historically quite a time consuming and intensive process. You will need the necessary advanced analytics tools to perform data mining techniques or leverage existing models through integration.

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Getting help with advanced analytics

Partnering with us provides you with the reassurance that your data will be used in the right way. You’ll have complete confidence that your advanced analytics is using all of the available sources and producing the most accurate predictions possible to allow you to make informed decisions.

Our experienced team will ensure that data mining is done correctly and that your advanced analytics is set up for optimised machine learning. This will mean that as you continue to accumulate more data your predictions only get stronger. 

Cohort and cluster analysis will be made simple and we’ll help you visualise data so that anyone in your team can make accurate predictions that allows your business to move forward with confidence and purpose.

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