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Equip your employees with the skills they need to create accurate, detailed reports in SAP BusinessObjects.


Why choose SAP BusinessObjects online training?

Benefits for employees:

  • Use fully-flexible, self-paced learning to fit around your busy work demands.

  • Save valuable time and effort with expert tips and tricks aimed at data analysts.

  • Enhance your personal learning record by receiving a certificate for each course completed.

  • With a range of interactive tests, quizzes and video tutorials there's something to suit every learning style.

Benefits for managers:

  • Upskill your SAP BusinessObjects users with on-demand training.

  • Easily track your employee learning and development.

  • Give your employees the freedom to revisit each course as many times as needed, to help make the most of your investment.

SAP BO Discovery course overview

Without the right education, it can be difficult to take full advantage of BusinessObjects. This is where we step in. Learn the skills you need to create accurate, detailed reports for your organisation.

Get instant access to 20 comprehensive e-learning modules for you and your team, with a no-fuss annual subscription.


1. Getting Started

1. Getting Started

Grasp the fundamentals of SAP BusinessObjects and learn how to start generating insights from your data.

Module Overview:

1.1 BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Overview

1.2 How to Switch Between the Java Applet and HTML viewer

1.3 How to Build Basic Reports

1.4 How to Create Simple Tables

1.5 How to Export to Excel from the HTML Viewer

2. Graphs, Charts and Visualisation

2. Graphs, Charts and Visualisation

Learn how to build intelligent graphs, charts and visualisations to take your insights to the next level.

Module Overview:

2.1 How to Use Simple Charts & Graphs

2.2 How to Use More Advanced Visualisation Techniques

3. Sharing Content

3. Sharing Content

Discover how to share content with business users across your organisation to maximise the reach of your insights.

Module Overview:

3.1 How to Schedule a Report in BusinessObjects

3.2 How to Burst a Report Using Publications

4. Enhancing Documents

4. Enhancing Documents

Understand how you can further enhance your documents using a range of tips and techniques.

Module Overview:

4.1 How to Create Simple Formulas

4.2 How to Create Simple Variables

4.3 How to Apply a Section

4.4 How to Apply & Manage Breaks

4.5 How to Report on UDFs

4.6 How to Use Shared Elements

4.7 How to Create Input Controls

4.8 How to Merge Dimensions & Create Detail Objects

5. Administration Tasks

5. Administration Tasks

Learn everything you need to know when it comes to administration in SAP BusinessObjects.

Module Overview:

5.1 CMC Admin - Creating a User Group and Assigning Users

5.2 How to Create a Simple Access Level

5.3 How to End a User Session




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