Update from Anton Roe, CEO at MHR International

3 April 2020


We are now well into our second week of work following the Prime Minister’s announcement about the COVID-19 safety rules.

Despite everyone being remote, our services and operations are running as usual.

Our customers are consuming services by the hour remotely. We have deployed all MHR Analytics consultancy and support teams remotely to ensure no interruptions to product and services, and made these people available to support our customers in these difficult times and ensure they continue to operate in tough conditions. If you need help and support, please call us.

Data security is paramount, even more so as a result of COVID-19. The security threat level across the world is higher as cyber-criminals have increased their attempts to exploit organisations, and with more people working from home, organisations are more vulnerable. Rest assured that MHR has taken the necessary risk assessments and reviews to ensure our security controls are effective in protecting your data.

Business continuity for our customers is our priority, and I wanted to share with you some of the activities that MHR Analytics is doing to support our customers, partners and the market.

In the short time since the new rules were announced, MHR Analytics has begun a series of webinars attended by unprecedented numbers, from those requiring advice in many areas including salary and compensation modelling.

All MHR Analytics training courses have been converted to remote delivery, ensuring our customers can maintain business as usual.

We have re-deployed some of our consultancy expertise to fast track new developments that will help address some of the challenges caused by the current crisis. These include chatbot and virtual assistant technologies to help remote workers with mental health, new payroll validation packs, and new e-learning content to support remote working conditions. We will update on these developments as they become available.

New platform implementations are running smoothly, and we are pleased to report that organisations are using our solutions to reduce pressure on their finance teams, their reporting and their business operations in this unusual situation.  

The safety of our employees, customers and the wider community remains our top priority as we power forward with business as usual, albeit in a different way.

I thank the MHR Analytics team and our customers for their continued support.

Anton Roe, CEO at MHR International

MHR Analytics is part of the MHR International Group, which has created, developed and delivered technology services for over 35 years. As a result of its continued financial independence, the Group retains the autonomy and freedom to innovate, developing technology based on market and future trends, and supporting its customers to work smarter.

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