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New buyers guide shows the power of planning and analytics tools

If we’ve learned anything over the course of the past 18 months, it’s that global supply chains, demand and economic conditions can deteriorate rapidly. Balance sheets have been forced to endure more than a year of rapid change and it is now trickier than ever to carry out effective enterprise planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Better data, powerful insights

Smart businesses are increasingly looking to leverage planning and analytics tools to pick up the pieces of the pandemic and power forward. With the help of interactive visualisations and enhanced data cleansing, these tools add new dimensions to enterprise data and remove errors to help teams gain deeper and more accurate insights.

In a nutshell: planning software allows teams to plan with confidence, validate data and enhance collaboration to avoid silos.

Excel doesn’t cut the mustard

Over reliance on error-ridden spreadsheets creates major problems for accounting teams trying to optimise cash positions. Spreadsheets break, they’re not designed for collaboration, and there’s no audit trail.

Best-of-breed planning and analytics tools, on the other hand, offer a multi-user environment where different people can log on at different times, using a format that can’t be broken. Teams can collaborate in real-time, and benefit from added security layers to protect data.

Not all planning tools offer analytics

Analytics are essential. Without the ability to infer trends and explore the drivers behind data, organisations are missing a big piece of the puzzle.

IBM Planning Analytics integrates both functions, for a solution that combines the infallibility of a comprehensive planning tool with the power of a dynamic analytics platform. And the ROI is impressive - according to researchers, it has the power to generate ROI of 133%.

Download the full buyers guide and learn more about how IBM Planning Analytics can supercharge your organisation.

Download the Buyers Guide

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