MHR Analytics comments on Get Help to Retrain Scheme

18 July 2019

Nick Felton, MHR Analytics' SVP, comments on today's announcement about the launch of the first stage of the National Retraining Scheme which will tackle the roles affected by technological advances.

"The Get Help to Retrain scheme to keep up with technological advances like automation and AI is very positive.

"Our Data Surge Report research showed that 80 percent of UK companies are planning to hire a data scientist or seek data consultancy this year. The foundation to any AI strategy is good data analytics. Combinations of specialist skills in automation and data analytics preparation are becoming more sought after and more crucial to our economy as we approach the next decade and organisations increasingly turn to machine learning.

"There’s lots of evidence that automation improves and refines how human skills are utilised, particularly in service industries. In finance and accounting for example, more processes are becoming automated, which is evolving finance professionals’ roles from repetitive manual data input, to strategists, economists and analysts who are increasingly relied on to inform and guide big business decisions.

"For organisations making the technological leap to automation or AI, the specialists who have the data analytics training to underpin that technology will propel their companies to success."

MHR Analytics

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