Machine learning will enhance our profession – say HR leaders

4 June 2019

Almost half of HR leaders say predictive analytics and machine learning would improve their HR function, according to a Censuswide survey commissioned by MHR Analytics.

Only one in ten (11%) of respondents currently use advanced analytics techniques, but the research indicates a clear desire among HR professionals to implement predictive analytics to upgrade and enhance almost all aspects of their role.

The Censuswide survey of 161 HR experts from medium to large UK businesses revealed:

  • Only 11% already measure employee engagement by using advanced analytics techniques such as employee sentiment analysis but 50% say predictive analytics and machine learning would help them analyse employee sentiment to improve employee wellbeing and engagement 
  • 30% say predictive analytics and machine learning would help their succession and talent flow planning 
  • 45% say predictive analytics and machine learning would help them detect payroll, expense or timesheet fraud 
  • 48% say predictive analytics and machine learning would help them predict employee retention or identify flight risks 
  • 42% already use HR and payroll data to drive their organisation’s strategy and decision-making, and 34% are planning to do this

Laura Timms, MHR Analytics’ Product Strategy Manager said: “The results mirror the conversations we are having with our 750 customers – there is a real step-change in how HR professionals see their roles evolving and becoming more sophisticated.”

“While most organisations still use spreadsheet-based data, they are aware that harnessing predictive analytics and machine learning tools will enable them to spend much less time on admin and manual tasks and become valuable and efficient business strategists.”

“As we approach the next decade, it’s clear that organisations in general, as well as the HR experts employed within them, are thinking about how they can climb the data maturity scale to remain competitive, using HR analytics, workforce planning systems and even AI.”

MHR Analytics

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