HR DIRECTOR magazine features MHR Analytics' Laura Timms

18 October 2019


HR DIRECTOR magazine has today featured an article by Laura Timms, MHR Analytics' Product Strategy Manager, about the ways HR leaders can use analytics to get ahead of their game. 

The article takes a mildly tongue-in-cheek look at the ways senior HR professionals can use analytics as their 'secret weapon' to achieve their potential and produce stand-out results. 

"The HR function is increasingly being expected to evolve from acting as the business’ administrative side-kick to the hero responsible for its success," explains Laura.

"People analytics automates many of the time-consuming tasks that can often leave you buried in paperwork so that you can instead turn your attention to more high-value activities that have a direct impact on the value you can add as a department. This works to optimise your operations to bring greater accuracy to your data, more efficiency in your function and consequently better business results."

For more information about HR analytics and to learn from expert Max Blumberg who has been working with MHR Analytics for over a year, read more and view MHR Analytics people analytics master class videos here. 


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