Guests at Glasgow roadshow learn about steps to data maturity

14 June 2019

This week’s Glasgow roadshow was a huge hit with an audience of finance directors, HR leaders and analysts from some of Scotland’s largest employers.

Representatives from universities, colleges, local authorities and emergency services attended the Radisson Red Hotel to hear about the latest in the world of analytics.

Data maturity and HR analytics expert Laura Timms gave a presentation about the state of analytics today, in mid-2019 as we look towards the next decade.

Discussions throughout the event echoed Laura’s points and demonstrated the cultural shifts occurring within organisations as a result of available technology. In summary:

  • Implementing predictive and prescriptive analytics is now possible without in-house data science skills or knowledge. Software like Planning Analytics Cloud has coding and algorithms built-in to allow quick and easy adoption.
  • The most common barriers to adoption include data quality and cultural challenges.
  • The steps that can be taken to assess where organisations are on their data journey now and what this means practically for future planning

The roadshow provided a platform for guests to share their learnings with each other and break down the jargon of the big data buzzwords like AI, Internet of Things, augmented analytics and machine learning. The MHR Analytics consultation team was on hand to answer guests’ questions about their data journey and analytics goals.

For those unable to attend the roadshow, our data maturity quiz is an online diagnostic tool to help organisations see where they are on their data journey and take practical steps to improve according to their own business goals. Further events will be added to our events page to give guests the opportunity to meet and gain guidance and expertise from our team of consultants.

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