CFOs on the data journey: Roundtable highlights key challenges

17 October 2019

CFOs gathered at the iconic The Ivy Soho today to discuss the transformation of workforce finance.

Comments around the table highlighted the wide-ranging challenges finance leaders are facing, and how financial workforce planning solutions will underpin this transformation.

The event was hosted by MHR Analytics as a follow up to the CFO Breakfast held at London’s Quaglino’s in St James Hotel in June.

Guests discussed the need for data collaboration between HR and finance departments.

All agreed on the importance of an incremental cultural shift towards data-driven processes to achieve competitiveness and future success.

One guest talked about her company’s ambitions to expand and how this could only be possible by putting in place automated systems now and the urgency to progress the data maturity journey to see the desired growth.

All guests concluded that the journey towards automation and even machine learning and AI technology can only be achieved by taking a step by step approach, starting with a “solid data foundation and getting the basics right” as described by one CFO.

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