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Discover pre-built report packs in the areas of Workforce, Absence, Payroll, Talent, Gender Pay Gap and Audit.

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You want to start reporting to unlock insights and get a better understanding of your organisation, but the idea of building reports from scratch may have left you feeling overwhelmed.

Our pre-built report packs put the power back into your hands by enabling you to unlock your organisations’ potential without the need to have a technical background in Business Intelligence, or the need for an in-house reporting specialist.

Created to give you a fast-track into reporting, our report packs do the hard work for you to provide you with customised, ready to share reports that are able to make a real difference to your business.

All of our report packs are designed to fit around you and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

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Payroll Validation

  • Save time and increase your accuracy when running your payroll

  • Ensure you have complete accuracy of Full Payment Submissions, giving you the assurance that employees will be paid correctly and on time

  • View all errors, whether show stoppers or potential problems, in one screen and drill down to employee level so you can fix them at source

  • Remove the pain of having to navigate to many iTrent pages to identify your issues or check your screen against printed payroll reports

  • Uncover hidden problems that sometimes lead to incorrect payments or failed submissions

  • Complete visbility of audit data to quickly allow you to spot anything out of the ordinary

  • Gain a full summary of all payment changes since your last run and see the full picture in the moment rather than after your payrment



  • Report and analyse salary costs, headcount, joiners, leavers, and turnover

  • Discover the business impact of changes to your workforce

  • Perform structural breakdown analysis such as Service Area, Directorate, Department, and diversity analysis, such as gender

  • Perform month-on-month and year-on-year trending analysis

  • See year to date figures for the current calendar year (since January) or the current financial year

  • Analyse your workforce turnover at a granular level – from the percentage of voluntary leavers vs involuntary leavers, to the reasons people leave, and the percentage of your workforce that has been employed for more than 12 months



  • Discover how much absence costs your business

  • Understand how many days are lost by business area

  • Perform absence day, cost and reason analysis

  • Drill down to discover the cause of absence issues

  • Analyse month-on-month and year-on-year trends

  • See year to date figures for the current calendar year (since January) or the current financial year

  • Understand how different variables, such as Length of Service, impact absence



  • See a complete view of transactions and dissect by pay period

  • Perform detailed pensions analysis

  • View period to period trends and variances

  • Detailed equality assessments

  • Report on actual averages rather than FTE equivalents

  • Compare pay by geographical location



  • Perform analysis across core recruitment, hiring trends and associated metrics

  • Ensure that you’re developing your top talent with the ability to analyse workforce learning and development events, including competencies

  • View data by business unit, department, manager, requisition etc.

  • Analyse check-ins to monitor progress


Gender Pay Gap

  • Visualise your Gender Pay Gap Manual Metrics in a way that’s easy to understand at all levels of your organisation

  • Discover insights into salary distributions to pinpoint key drivers for your organisation

  • Extend your Gender Pay Gap initiative by quickly creating custom analyses on other areas of interest, such as sensitive data, location and department

  • Instant insights with rapid deployment on top of your existing Gender Pay Gap data



  • Simplified analysis of your iTrent audit data through BusinessObjects, replacing the previous two-step

  • View a high-level summary of your audit data in real time or quickly drill down to find the information you need

  • Uncover new report tabs including, ‘new employee social security details recorded’, ‘temporary elements recorded’, ‘salary amendments’ and ‘position transfers’

  • See when an amendment was made and the values before and after the change


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