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The data generated with every click, swipe and tap has endless potential to transform your business.


Processed Data is Information. Processed Information is Knowledge.

In the era of the empowered consumer, Retailers face the challenge of transforming the huge volume of data that they collect into actionable insights. Supply chains must be more efficient than ever to deal with ever increasing customer expectations, as competition drives the market to its highest level of service. A seamless, omni-channel customer experience is crucial to drive sales, with the shift to digital transactions continuing to accelerate. 


Optimise your forecasting capabilities to help give you the complete visibility of your supply chain needed to grow your service offering.


Explore how data and analytics can drive your business - customer engagement is only as effective as how well you understand your customers and how well equipped you are to act on this insight across your channels.

"Retailers that cannot offer the best service will be left behind; Click and Collect has doubled from 35% to 72% of shoppers using the service in just 3 years."

- Econsultancy, 2017

Deliver a seamless customer experience.

Imagine having a single view of your customer to enable a truly continuous customer experience across all of your channels. Modern Data Platforms allow you to consolidate masses of customer data into a single, reportable view for actionable insights.

Visualise, understand and streamline your supply chain.

The harsh reality is that if you cannot deliver the right product on the right day at the right price, the modern consumer will find it elsewhere in seconds. MHR Analytics can help you to deal with increasing expectations by monitoring shipping costs to remove unnecessary spend, improving warehouse processes and fulfilling orders through any channel.

Predict the unpredictable.

With seasonal changes in footfall affecting staff, stock and profits, your success depends on the power of accurate prediction. Sales and Stock Forecasting uses your current data alongside external information to maximise profits by identifying and exploiting buying patterns and trends.

Success Story: Admiral Group

Admiral Group has partnered with business analytics provider MHR Analytics to transform its employee data management and workforce planning across multiple locations.

Driving Retail Culture

The introduction of mobile and online channels have meant that retailers have had to move away from the traditional bricks and mortar model and embrace the world of digital.

Black Friday Analytics

This blog will explore the ways in which you can ensure your success this Black Friday and Cyber Monday through using analytics to streamline your processes, boost sales and help you to make more savvy decisions.  

Big Data in FMCG

It’s fair to say that big data analytics has opened up doors to new realms of possibilities for FMCG, and as companies in the sector begin to tap into the wealth of innovations big data has to offer, there’s a lot to be excited about.

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