When all of your data is connected and easily accessible, you are smarter, more efficient and on the cutting edge of innovation.


Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge.

Manufacturing has historically stood proud as the beating heart of the UK economy and the industry continues to thrive today. However, this is not without its challenges. The talent pool is drying up, with the next generation of skilled workers choosing employment elsewhere.

A fourth industrial revolution is on the horizon, forcing manufacturers to adopt the latest technologies and shift towards Servitisation. Brexit threatens to completely upend the nation’s position in the global economy and Manufacturers will need insight to adapt instantly


Whether it's maintaining margins and staff, keeping an eye on the global economy or monitoring supply chain processes, access to real-time data has never been more important.



Give all levels of your organisation the power of insight - streamlining processes and allowing key, cross-functional decisions to be made in an instant.


Optimise your supply chain.

From small price changes in a raw material to a complete legislation overhaul due to Brexit, you need complete visibility of the performance of your end to end supply chain in order to react fast. Our Sales and Operations planning solution aligns demand, supply and revenue across your business and allows you to respond instantly to market changes.

"85% of Manufacturing organisations are either already implementing advanced analytics solutions to move to Industry 4.0 or are planning to do so."


The Manufacturer Annual Manufacturing Survey 2017

Invest in a better workforce.

Combat the continuing struggle to attract and retain skilled workers with our Financial Workforce Planning solution. It uses the power of Predictive Analytics to allow you to invest in the most beneficial areas to grow your business and facilitate workforce improvement. 

Get ready for Industry 4.0

Two thirds of companies are aware of the move to smart factories but only a quarter feel that they understand the opportunities and implications of this fourth industrial revolution (Annual Manufacturing Survey 2017). Our experts can introduce you to cutting edge, advanced analytics solutions to get you connected ahead of the competition. 

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