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Processed Data is Information. Processed Information is Knowledge.

The Government’s focus on encouraging home ownership in recent years has led to funding cuts for Housing Associations and a lack of new social housing. In this challenging political and economic climate, with Universal Credit threatening to further increase rent arrears and compliance remaining a constant pressure, delivering quality housing to those most in need is becoming increasingly challenging.


Drive efficiencies by utilising the ever growing volume of data flowing in and our of your organisation from every volunteer to every tenant.


The 'single view of the tenant' can be extended to analyse customer profiles, in terms of demands and costs, for completely informed decision making.

Risk Prevention

Use the power of your data to analyse rent arrears and fraud, to the degree of predicting tenants at risk based on their demographic and payment profiles.

"It is predicted that there is £900m of fraud in UK social housing. Improving the information on the tenant, the house and the neighbourhood could help reduce, and in the long term eradicate, this cost to society."

- The National Fraud Association

Provide quality homes for people who need them.

With demand for social housing massively outstripping supply, it’s increasingly important to ensure that homes are allocated to those genuinely in need. Unlock the power of predictive analytics to minimise fraud and rent arrears while determining who should be first in line.

Build a single view of your tenants.

Allow tenants to manage their information on the go while you build a centralised profile of their maintenance, arrears and customer services costs for completely informed decision making and compliance reporting.

Make every penny count.

With budgets tighter than ever and political changes on the horizon, take ultimate control of the purse strings and make solid plans for the future with our Financial Workforce Planning solution.

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Financial Workforce Planning

Our Financial Workforce Planning (FWP) tool automates this process so that you’re free to focus your time and energy on the things that matter most.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has chosen MHR Analytics to implement a Financial Workforce Planning solution into the council which supports 260,000 residents in Rotherham.

Market Harborough Building Society

Market Harborough Building Society (MHBS) has announced a partnership that will see its manual spreadsheet reporting replaced by cutting-edge software.

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