Work better, faster and smarter by unlocking the data behind your people.


Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge.

Both Local and Central Government are under more pressure to innovate, streamline and deliver than ever before due to increasing expectations around citizen engagement and digitalisation.

In a changeable landscape, with Brexit set to turn everything on its head, the challenge is to become leaner and more integrated without a drop in service. MHR Analytics understands the progress and cultural challenges that are required to get a single view of data to support these changes.

Local Government

You hold the key to huge amounts of data, from waste to care services and businesses to education. Bring this crucial information together to make services more personalised, more effective and more efficient.

Central Government

Your people are your greatest asset as well as your biggest cost. With a shrinking talent pool, you need the right information and tools at your fingertips to analyse skills gaps, predict retention and increase diversity.  

Stay one step ahead of constant changes.

Your current data has the power to predict what the future will hold for your organisation, allowing you to make informed decisions and intervene before any issues arise when Brexit, budget cuts or policy changes hit.  

Deliver excellent services on a pressured budget.

Our Finance Workforce Planning solution replaces labour Intensive finance processes, which are prone to data Inaccuracies, with a fully integrated single version of the truth for budgeting and scenario planning in a turbulent climate.

Build a single view of the citizen.

Go digital with purpose. Analyse all data for each citizen from one centralised location for instant, accurate compliance reporting and excellent customer service.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council makes over 250% in ROI savings with MHR Analytics

"Throughout the implementation of Financial Workforce Planning, our relationship with MHR Analytics and their developers has been collaborative and highly productive. We believe it will deliver the benefits and accuracy we're looking for."

- Richard Douthwaite, Systems Finance Manager, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

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