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Analytics has never been more crucial for the Education sector. With uncertain times ahead, planning effectively to ensure future growth and understanding the needs of your institution is more important than ever.

Here are a few examples of where our analytics expertise has set our customers up for success...

Analytics for Education

Loughborough University 

"The partnership with MHR Analytics has been really beneficial to the whole team and although we are in the early days of bedding in the solutions, our finance team are excited about the potential of the system and the time savings that can be achieved. We have set specific measurable goals so we can quickly get a picture of the benefits." - Adele Slater, Senior Finance Business Partner at Loughborough University

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Teesside University

"As an academic institution at the forefront of a constantly evolving sector, it is essential that our financial forecasting and fee planning processes are accurate and effective. Reducing time consuming admin by eliminating manual processes will allow our teams to be more strategic and remain dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience for all our students" - Kendra Pink, Deputy Director of Finance at Teesside University

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Queens University Belfast

“Institutionally, we’re committed to developing a ‘Digital University’ as clearly defined within our Corporate Plan objectives.  Within People and Culture, we need to be sure we have an accurate picture of our critical people data, and partnering with MHR Analytics has enabled us to implement a series of high quality solutions such as Business Objects to help us develop a solid data foundation as a platform for deriving valuable insights on our people.”  - Glenn Campbell, Head of HR Services at Queen’s University Belfast

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Student Fee Planning

With student drop-out rates rising for the third year in a row, accurately forecasting the distribution of your student tuition fees has never been more important.

Financial Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is about continually aligning your workforce to the priorities of your organisation to ensure that you are in the best position to meet your wider goals.

Case Study: Dudley College

Following an MHR Analytics workshop, the college was able to test the software and chose to implement a Financial Workforce Planning application, alongside a financial reporting, planning and analysis solution.

Case Study: Dean Close Foundation

The Dean Close Foundation has partnered with MHR Analytics, a specialist provider of business intelligence and analytics solutions, to improve the forecasting of its costs and revenues with IBM Planning Analytics.

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