The Complete University Guide To Thriving with Analytics

The higher education sector is set to face new challenges, demands and opportunities, but the question is, how is your university preparing for these things to come?

With the industry ever-evolving, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your university is prepared for the future.

Download our ultimate guide to discover how you can leverage the power of analytics to navigate these changes, meet your objectives and find long-term success.

The guide will uncover...

  • How you can meet your university's biggest needs with analytics.

  • How analytics can help your day to day university operations run more smoothly and effectively.

  • How analytics can give your university the competitive edge in preparing for the future

Take your time to read through this guide and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to take your first steps towards driving your university’s success with analytics.

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Inside the guide...

We asked 200 university senior management executives what the most important insights were for their university going forward...

53% of senior managers think that attraction and retention of teaching talent is an important insight area for their university, closely followed by attracting the best performing students at 48%.

Analytics can be used to understand the best employee candidates and can help look at which students would be best fit to your university.

It’s possible to eliminate the risk that’s associated with hiring by tapping into what’s already working.

Looking at data from existing employees and analysing at how their performance correlates with everything from personality type to education level, and using these insights to structure informed interview questions helps ensure you’re hiring the best...

*Source: [CensusWide] Base: Senior Managers in Higher Education. Q, What are the most important business insight areas for your university? (Check up to three). Survey based on 200 participants.

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Our Higher Education Success Stories

Analytics has never been more crucial for the Education sector. With uncertain times ahead, planning effectively to ensure future growth and understanding the needs of your institution is more important than ever.

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