Understanding your data is the key to achieving fantastic results in a competitive, ever-changing industry.

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Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge.

It is not easy to deliver outstanding education while cutting costs and adapting to constant changes in funding, structure and assessments. Data and analytics have never been more crucial to support leaders at all stages of education with their specific challenges, particularly uncertainty around the impact of Brexit.

Higher Education

Centralised, immediate access to data allows you to lead the race to attract and retain the best staff and students, maximising your revenue in a hugely competitive market.

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Further Education

Budgeting and financial planning are more important than ever to continue making a difference in an industry hit hard by spending cuts.

Schools and Academies

Predictive analytics can keep you on track to meet ambitious targets while you tackle challenges such as rising class sizes and teacher recruitment.

Stay one step ahead of your students.

Imagine having visibility of a student’s learning experience from their initial application to their final exam, with the power to predict progress and performance. Our predictive analytics solutions put you one step ahead of your students, allowing you to intervene before issues arise, increasing student retention and maximising the potential for amazing results.

"The partnership with MHR Analytics has been really beneficial to the whole team and although we are in the early days of bedding in the solutions, our finance team are excited about the potential of the system and the time savings that can be achieved. We have set specific measurable goals so we can quickly get a picture of the benefits."

- Loughborough University

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Make every penny count

In a turbulent political and economic climate, where budgets are never guaranteed, our Financial Workforce Planning solution gives you ultimate control of the purse strings and allows you to plan for difficult times ahead.

Promote understanding at all levels of your organisation.

Enriching the lives of future generations is hard work. That’s why our transformative solutions and consultancy services release your whole organisation from administrative tasks, giving them immediate access to the data needed to make the best decisions for your students. Our solutions, such as Student Fee Planning, give you ultimate control of the purse strings and allow you to plan for difficult times ahead.

Student Fee Planning

With student drop-out rates rising for the third year in a row, accurately forecasting the distribution of your student tuition fees has never been more important.

Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast is deploying MHR Analytics’ knowledge content management and upskilling solution, Enable Now, to optimise employee performance around visa and immigration compliance.

Dean Close Foundation

Dean Close Foundation, a leading organisation in the educational sector is today announcing a partnership with MHR Analytics to improve its financial management, reporting and budgeting.

Teeside University

Teesside University has announced a partnership with data analytics provider, MHR Analytics to support its financial modelling and fee planning.

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