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Cut out the manual work in workforce planning with an automated budgeting, forecasting and analysis solution.

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Streamline your workforce planning process

Having a growing organisation brings the challenge of managing large amounts of data, which can easily leave day-to-day operations spent sifting through spreadsheets. Not only does this take up precious time, but it also hinders your ability to effectively interpret your data and make informed decisions — ultimately affecting business performance and limiting your future growth.

Our Financial Workforce Planning (FWP) solution automates this process so that you’re free to focus your time and energy on the things that matter most. It provides a more streamlined process and allows you to determine how your financial decisions affect your business even at the individual level, meaning that you always know where you stand.   

Our solution is people-centred and gives you a “full organisation view” of your workforce planning so that everyone involved in the planning cycle can see the latest status of the plan. Created to cater to all your planning, budgeting and forecasting needs; our FWP solution allows you to keep track of actual performance compared to targets, so you can plan with confidence.

Built in the IBM Planning Analytics platform, FWP provides a quicker, more cost-effective approach to Financial Workforce Planning.

Remove the burden of repeat admin

Free your team from time-consuming and repetitive admin and instead focus on the tasks that generate the most value for your organisation.

Confidently plan for the future

Look into the future and discover the potential impact of your decisions to ensure that you’ve assessed every option. Understand how external factors, such as inflation rates will influence your plans.

Accurately manage your people costs

Gain peace of mind that your budgets, forecasts and analysis are accurate. See how close to budget you are throughout the year and alter your spend accordingly to ensure that your resources are being deployed to the right place at the right time.

Gain complete visibility of your people costs

Gain a granular view of your employee costs in a way that suits your business and see changes in real-time in order to make improvements and solid plans for the future. Get a clear understanding of your workforce costs, budgets and models right down to the individual level.

Increase ROI

Take a proactive approach to change rather than a reactive one. Drive continuous cost savings for your organisation over time and increase ROI.

FWP helps Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council make 250% in ROI savings

“We’ve saved ourselves over 2,000 person days. We’ve seen massive benefits in terms of improving data quality, on which evidence-based decisions are now being taken. That benefit alone makes greater use of the resources that we have.” - Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council



Budget & Forecast Modelling

Model your budgets and forecasts with accuracy and anticipate your organisations’ future costs




Re-forecasting (RF) allows you to review your budget part way through the year based on actuals. 


Carry out calculations like pay awards, pay protection, pension contribution and restructure modelling.

Scenario planning

Model scenarios to decide on the best outcome before committing to a decision.

Long-term and short-term planning

Produce a Medium Term Forecasting Strategy (MTFS) and a LRP (Long Range Plan) up to 10 years using current financial data. 






Bespoke customisation

Tailored to the unique requirements of your business and suitable for all company schemes, including pension and maternity schemes, we can alter the look and feel of the system to your branding so it’s consistent with your employee experience.

Constant audit trail

‘Transaction backouts’ provide a constant audit trail, showing which users have run processes and allowing them to be undone. Relax in the knowledge that everything your users are doing is recorded and changeable.   

HR system compatible

FWP links directly to your HR system and converts HR information (salary, NI, pension, bonus payments, student loan etc.) into monthly, weekly or even daily costs. 

Financial Workforce Planning Webinar

In an unpredictable climate, having a robust planning process in place has never been more important to help know where you stand financially across the business.

Many have to rely heavily on spreadsheets and manual processes to be able to report on workforce costs. The issue is, this approach not only takes up precious time, but also hinders your ability to effectively interpret your data and make informed decisions.

On this webinar we identify the issues of using spreadsheets, discuss the benefits of moving to a planning technology and look at workforce analytics in detail using reports and graphical dashboards.

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