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Now more than ever, businesses need to rapidly adapt their spreadsheet models to understand the cost and cash flow implications of changing regulations and workforce attitudes in order to create cost efficiencies.

In the short term, employers have many choices:

• Do they prolong the usage of the scheme as long as possible, but need to understand the cost implications of the increasing employer contributions?

• Are workloads increasing again to a point where workers need to return either full or part-time?

• Does your business need to be flexible to employees seeking part-time work to cope with childcare issues until full-time schooling is made available again?

And that's just in the short term. Long term planning needs to consider how organisations may need to adapt and change as their growth is affected, employee demands focus on flexible working and ensure you retain your best talent within your workforce.

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What's it all about?

Tuesday 21st July 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sadly, for some businesses redundancies are unavoidable and the cost of redundancy needs to be measured against the long term cost savings.

This may require analytical data alongside financial data when making these decisions as part of a consultation process, to make sure the best decisions are made for the long term viability of the business.

Trying to model this variety of scenarios in a spreadsheet is immensely challenging and very insecure, especially when you consider the amount of employee sensitive data that exists in these spreadsheets, often something employers have no choice in this rapidly evolving situation.

In addition, it may be time to start looking forward to Salary & Compensation Planning for 2021, to start scenario planning the potential pay increases available.

For many businesses the opportunity for pay increases may be limited next year, so using analytics alongside planning technology to review employee performance, peer and gender pay gaps and maybe using metrics like the Bradford Factor to analyse instances of sickness, may be essential to make sure any increases are targeted to the employees you most want to retain.

IBM Planning Analytics allows you to combine HR Analytics with Financial Workforce Planning to help you make those decisions.

This webinar will explore these requirements and explain how using a secure and structured planning process has significant benefits over using a spreadsheet and has already helped many businesses react in an efficient and more agile way during the current crisis.

What can you expect to learn?

Join us and we will be:

  • Looking at salary and compensation analytics, and how you can model your budgets to take into consideration variables such as gender pay gap, sickness and overachievers.

  • Identifying the issues with using spreadsheets and the benefits of moving to a planning technology to fix these issues

  • Identifying how you can save time by developing a planning model, and discussing the benefits of this approach

  • Showing examples of this approach so you see the full potential of a planning analytics tool across your organisation

Discover dynamic salary planning for greater business resilience

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About the speaker

Mark White - FPM Pre-Sales Specialist

Originally from an accounting background, Mark has over 20 years’ experience in Performance Management applications, focusing largely on Financial Reporting and Planning.

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