IFRS 16 Compliance for Public Sector

Tuesday 29th October 2019, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Stuck between the option of managing your IFRS 16 reporting using manual spreadsheets or spending a hefty fee to outsource it externally?

IFRS 16 is bringing increased transparency when it comes to lease obligations on the balance sheet and pressure is on to ensure that reporting is accurate. It’s clear that the traditional approaches come with their limitations, but you don’t have to feel left without any options.

We’re hosting an exclusive webinar where our experts will address the common concerns associated with IFRS 16 in the Public Sector and show you a better way to ensure that your organisation is compliant from 1st April 2020.

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What to expect on the webinar?

Our experts will be discussing:

- The impact of IFRS 16 in the public sector and how to prepare for the April 2020 deadline.

- How to manage any data acquisitions you may have, and the benefits of moving away from spreadsheets.

- The lessons learnt from IFRS 16 in the private sector and how to take advantage of these.

- The tools that will ensure you have a smooth transition to an IFRS 16 solution and stay compliant year after year.

The webinar will finish with an opportunity to ask our experts any questions about your journey to IFRS 16 compliance. 

How will IFRS 16 impact the Public Sector?

IFRS 16 will create more transparency than ever when it comes to lease obligations on the balance sheet, with organisations having to collect, calculate, report and disclose on a significant amount of lease data. But with this added transparency, comes the responsibility to ensure that reporting is accurate and compliant. For the public sector, there is the deadline from 1st April 2020 to become compliant.

A better option?

We’ve partnered with Tagetik to bring you an IFRS 16 solution that’s been created to bridge the gap and help you get compliant from 1st April 2020.

It removes the typical stress associated with bringing lease accounting in-house and allows you to take full ownership of this process, whilst ensuring that you transition to the new standard seamlessly.

Rather than relying on multiple spreadsheets, our solution gives you the freedom to consolidate all of your leases into one easy place, and provides you with a granular breakdown into the leases and sub-leases your organisation holds.

Join us on our free webinar to learn more!

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