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Discover how the power of IBM Planning Analytics can help you make sense of your business performance.

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What's it all about?

Tuesday 15th October 2019, 10:00am - 11:00am

For many organisations, spreadsheets are the go-to resource for planning – but let’s face it, managing Excel documents takes up precious time and can leave room for human error. On top of this, relying solely on spreadsheets makes it difficult to create budgets and forecasts that are both timely and reliable. This leaves decision-making based on coincidence rather than hard facts, and can hold you back from reaching your true potential.

IBM Planning Analytics, powered by TM1, automates your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It transforms your entire planning cycle by giving you complete visibility, and gives you the freedom to plan with confidence.

This webinar will give you insight into how Planning Analytics streamlines this process and allows you to determine how financial decisions will affect your organisation right down to the individual level - so you always know where you stand.

About the Speaker

Mark White - FPM Pre-Sales Specialist

Originally from an accounting background, Mark has over 20 years’ experience in Performance Management applications, focusing largely on Financial Reporting and Planning.

What to expect

Join us on Tuesday 15th October at 10:00am and you'll learn how IBM Planning Analytics can help you:

- Integrate Finance and Operations - connect sales and finance data to manage, model and plan in a customer-driven industry

- See how fragile and error-prone spreadsheet models can be replaced with a robust planning and reporting application

- Plan and budget across business areas for headcount, salary planning and restructuring

- Experience reduced costs through financial process efficiency and faster planning cycles



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