Financial Workforce Planning for LG Webinar

Discover how harnessing the power of Financial Workforce Planning (FWP) can help you optimise your efforts in planning, with agility and foresight.

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What's it all about?

11th September 2018, 10:30 am

With the current funding pressures on local government and increased demand for services, a robust planning process has never been more important.

Many have to rely on spreadsheets and manual processes in an attempt to keep their heads above water. The issue is, this approach not only takes up precious time, but it also hinders your ability to effectively interpret your data and make informed decisions.

Financial Workforce Planning streamlines this process and allows you to determine how financial decisions affect your organisation right down to the Directorate and individual level - so you always know where you stand. See how Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is using FWP to make 250% in ROI savings.


Mike Jeffery, Head of Financial Performance Management, MHR Analytics

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in automating reporting, planning and consolidation processes; recently leading IBM’s European Performance Management Technical Professional team.

Louise Parker, Financial and Operational Performance Management Specialist, MHR Analytics

Louise has 18 years' experience in Enterprise Performance Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. 

Join us on 11th September at 10:30am and you'll learn how FWP can help you:

  • Track and optimise your Medium Term Financial Strategy planning and In-Year Monitoring processes without the pain of multiple spreadsheets
  • Plan and forecast for the Local Government Finance Settlement

  • Plan and budget across Directorates for headcount and salary planning

  • Gain reduced costs through financial process efficiency and faster planning cycles




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