Financial Planning & Analytics Webinar

Put insight in and take the pain out of Financial Planning

Do you feel the month-end dread? Are slow and frustrating processes causing you and your team headaches? 

Are your current processes, multiple contributors and lack of trackability of your spreadsheets leading to a mistrust of your data? 

Watch our webinar and discover a better way. Discover the Financial Planning & Analytics Accelerator from MHR Analytics.

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Plan for anything. Be ready for everything.

They say the only constant is change, and it’s never been more true than today. Remember when forecasting was an annual process? Right now your finance team needs the ability to plan for ever-changing scenarios. The best laid plans can change in an instant, so why can’t your forecasts?

With the Financial Planning & Analytics Accelerator from MHR Analytics you can harness powerful and intelligent planning tools that put agility at the heart of your planning.

Here's what we'll cover in the webinar:

  • Our experts will show you how the Financial Planning & Analytics Accelerator can transform your finance department

  • Shabnam Umerji will explain why and how Action For Children adopted planning analytics, and how they will keep on building the capabilities of their system

  • We’ll explain how you can get hands on with planning analytics for FREE as we launch new Guided Trials and a Proof of Technology workshop.

  • A live Q&A where our experts will answer your questions

Watch on-demand

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