Extended Planning & Analysis Webinar

Is Extended Planning & Analysis (XP&A) the next big thing?

Forward-looking finance professionals have long realised that it’s not all about the numbers. Operational, Sales, HR data etc. are the key drivers behind financial performance, so integrated business planning and the monitoring of non-financial data is key to the performance of any business, something we have always encouraged at MHR Analytics.

In this webinar we show how IBM Planning Analytics can deliver an XP&A solution. We'll demonstrate how to monitor key metrics across disparate areas of the business using Balanced Scorecard techniques. This will help to measure the overall performance of the business to meet key strategic business goals.

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What you'll learn during the webinar:

  • We'll go through what XP&A is

  • We'll give you a brief overview of IBM Planning Analytics and its benefits

  • A demonstration of IBM Planning Analytics in Finance, Sales and HR

  • Explanation of what a Balanced Scorecard is

  • A final demonstration to show how the Finance, Sales and HR data feeds back into the Balanced Scorecard

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