Harnessing your data to drive business value

Discover how to harness your data to drive business value in an ever-changing business world

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Thursday 14th May 2020, 2:00pm

This webinar series is suitable for those in IT, HR and Finance who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of how data analytics works and how you can use it within your role.

Our team of experts will guide you through a business scenario in which we show how a business who is building the case for a significant new opportunity goes through a series of processes to see whether they have the right resources in place to make the opportunity a success.

The business scenario will show you how data analytics can help to make better business decisions using real insights.

MHR Analytics will guide you through four key disciplines of analytics, using the various platforms and services within the entire portfolio to show how a company can enjoy the benefits of using our entire suite.

You will learn how to take advantage of these processes to help make informed decisions, leverage the maximum benefits, identify and up-skill required talent to manage this adoption, and much more.

What to expect

Our team of in-house data analytics experts will show you how you can use the data you have to drive business value. Over a series of four short webinars, our team, using a case study, will show you how to use analytics to your advantage.

Background to the webinars and case study details:

Vision CRM provide software to businesses of all sizes and are direct competitors to companies like Salesforce. Vision CRM are bidding for a significant deal to implement and support a CRM project with a large customer. The project is due to start within the next six months. In order to decide whether to bid for the project, the company need to know if they have the right number of employees to support the project and the correct associated skills in order to deliver the contract. They are currently certain that they do not have the required headcount and skills, but they need to understand this in more detail to prepare their bid.

Over a series of four presentations, MHR’s experts will show how they can use analytics to work through this, see a full outline below of what you will see;


Webinar 1

Presenter: Jason Barber

Jason will explore the company’s current data and unlock some insights into the present workforce data, such as how many of each skill types they have, their experience levels, which employees may be due to retire prior to or during the project phase, to do this he will be using SAP Analytics Cloud.


Webinar 2

Presenter: Andy Skinner

Are any of Vision CRM’s current employees with the relevant skill sets as identified in Jason’s session a flight risk and likely to leave?

Andy will use predictive analytics to highlight any employee’s that are at risk of leaving prior to or during the project kick off, which could leave the company without the human resources to deliver the project, using IBM Planning Analytics.

Webinar 3

Presenter: Mark White

In this session Mark will start to plan and cost the relevant resources and workforce needed to bid for the project, including budgeting for new hires and the costs of cross training for existing staff. Flight risk data from Andy’s presentation and also given the current climate, potential impacts of cash flow, this will be included for a complete picture.

Webinar 4

Presenter: Matt Mumford

In the final session of the data journey, Matt will demonstrate software that can be used to allow Vision CRM to cross train existing staff members and onboard any new staff members with the skills required for the new project. This will include process captures and an online training course using Enable Now.

The webinars will run back to back and should ideally be viewed in order which will give you the ability to pause at any stage and re-join so you won’t feel that you will miss important parts of the journey.