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Perhaps your organisation keeps delaying its leap to adopt Business Intelligence software, including Microsoft Power BI. Or you may already have Power BI but now need to bridge the gap between investment and Return On Investment.


Transform your performance management and decision-making capabilities

This free Microsoft Power BI webinar includes:

What 'Crossing the Chasm' means for BI

  • Crossing the chasm that is continually delaying your investment in Business Intelligence software for fear you're not ready.

  • Crossing the chasm from initial adoption of Business Intelligence software and it lying unused or under-used to maximising your Return On Investment.

What are those 'barriers' to business adoption and user adoption?

  • Do you simply not have the time? Are you unsure what BI would be able to do for you? Is there resistance in your business or concern about a lack of skills needed?

Why now is the right time to act

  • Business Intelligence is no longer an early-stage technology.

  • Adoption doesn't have to mean massive instant culture change.

  • Likely continued market uncertainty in 2021.

In focus: Business Intelligence software and, specifically, Microsoft Power BI

  • We take a look at the cost of ownership, time to insights, increased productivity and when you are likely to see the result on your bottom line.

Microsoft Power BI dashboard

Also introducing:

Data Strategy Workshop

  • We take a look at your current setup, what data you already have and what means of collating, analysing and interpreting that data you have. Where do you want to go and are you aware of the opportunities? We then provide you with a report detailing our recommendations, timings and costings for you to decide how to approach, present to your board and action.

Microsoft Power BI Fast Start

  • As with the Workshop, we start by taking a look at your current setup. We then work with you to determine where you want to get to and how quickly. We make recommendations there and then, get your approval and then start building and launch.

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