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Discover the new version of BusinessObjects and find out about key differences from the latest version to previous ones, gain visibility on key new features and understand more around the upgrade path!

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What's new with 4.3?

SAP have released a significant upgrade of BusinessObjects. We are currently testing the new version and aim to make it available for all our customers over the next 8 months. In line with the release of version 4.3 of BusinessObjects SAP will be ending their support for any version lower than BusinessObjects 4.2.

The move to BusinessObjects 4.3 represents quite a significant change from previous versions as it is a major upgrade that will improve the whole user interface making reporting easier and clearer.

This could represent a good time to ensure you are maximising the use of BusinessObjects and to ensure with the new release you can fully capitalise on the improvements that are being made and to enhance the reporting from iTrent for your organisation.

There is time to plan for the upgrade and any review of the way you use BusinessObjects. Over the next 8 months, we will be providing regular updates and information around a range of services to help you with maximising the use of the software.

We will be kicking this off with a Webinar available on-demand

The Webinar we will showcase the new version of BusinessObjects and highlight key differences from the latest version to previous ones, focus on key new features and provide details around the upgrade path.

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