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Covering reporting, planning, budgeting and forecasting, explore our FP&A resources and rapidly achieve the results your organisation is aiming for. For finance teams and technical administrators alike, our targeted support helps you realise the full benefits of IBM Planning Analytics.


For confident user adoption, effective administration, self-sufficiency and fast results 

With our accelerator, finance professionals get a ready-made solution to instantly streamline their reporting workload. Our experts are on hand to assist with installation and training, along with bespoke scoping built around the unique requirements of your finance team. 

Proof of Technology training ensures your administrators are familiarised with the technical aspects of IBM Planning Analytics. Understand, build and optimise the workspaces, reports and models your finance team needs, and unlock the full potential of the technology throughout your wider organisation. 

Delivered by our FP&A specialists, our guided trial provides hands-on IBM Planning Analytics experience. This training is fully contextualised and role-specific.

Balanced Scorecards in IBM Planning Analytics

Our very own Mark White looks at the Balanced Scorecard in IBM Planning Analytics. The Balanced Scorecard has been around for many years, but does it have a part to play within xP&A (Extended Planning and Analysis)?

In this short video Mark looks at the concepts of Balanced Scorecarding and then looks at using IBM Planning Analytics as a way of modeling a Balanced Scorecard.


Suitable for: finance department users

Our unique ‘essentials’ accelerator is available to all finance departments implementing IBM PA with MHR Analytics. This pre-built package enables you to rapidly streamline and automate standard management accounts and month-end reporting, including Balance Sheet, Controls, P&L and Trial Balance. Installation support and basic training is included. 

Building on this framework, bespoke consultancy and scoping is available as an additional service. This includes helping you build models for budgeting at account and departmental levels, cashflow forecasting, scorecarding for KPI metrics and custom workflow creation.

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Suitable for: technical users, system administrators

Our intensive, one-day session gives your technical users the knowledge they need to utilise IBM PA functionality with confidence. The course provides hands-on familiarisation of key IBM PA processes, including building cubes, loading data, defining rules, workspace optimisation and report creation. 

Our hosted demo environment for Planning Analytics is easily accessible via your preferred browser. This means users can participate in the training from work or home with real-time videoconferencing support.

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Suitable for: finance department users and managers 

Encourage successful user adoption from the outset with our role-specific training for end-users. 

Delivered by our friendly team of IBM PA specialists, your team will get hands-on experience of precisely the functionality they will need to get the most of this technology, day-to-day. Highlights  include contextualised demonstration of key features, data input, saving content, template and dashboard creation, sandboxing and modelling. 

Sessions can be delivered remotely via our Planning Analytics hosted demo environment with real-time Microsoft Teams support.

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