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Want to know more about HR Analytics?

HR Analytics is all about helping HR decision-makers get to the root of why things happen the way they do. It gives you a better understanding of your workforce and helps you to make accurate predictions about how decisions that revolve around people will impact the business as a whole.

Many organisations rely on manually inputting data into spreadsheets to track their people processes, but not only is this approach time-consuming and error-prone – it’s also limited in the level of insight that can be achieved.

HR Analytics empowers HR to break away from manual data processes and embrace a more efficient way of working.

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The innovative end-to-end analytics cloud experience

Who doesn’t want to improve and simplify their analytics to support sound decision-making throughout their entire organisation? But what makes SAP Analytics Cloud so unique is its multiple analytics capabilities – business intelligence, planning and forecasting, predictive analysis and visual boardroom all wrapped up in one pure cloud solution.

Whether you want to report on anything from absence management to top talent, feel confident in presenting real-time dashboards with data taken straight from your HR solution.

Why choose SAP Analytics Cloud for your HR department?

  • Discover, visualise, plan and predict in one product, with no need for multiple solutions

  • Uncover people and payroll insights no matter where you are

  • Experience faster insights - access your HR analytics at any time

  • Navigate seamless workflows to find insights at the point of decision in real-time

  • Connects to SAP and non-SAP data sources

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What does the future hold for HR?

What's the current state of HR Analytics within the HR function and how can organisations begin to use HR Analytics to reach their wider strategic goals? Download your free copy of the HR Analytics report.

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Get a fast-track into reporting on your people

You want to start reporting to unlock insights and get a better understanding of your organisation, but the idea of building reports from scratch may have left you feeling overwhelmed.

Our pre-built report packs cover areas such as Talent, Payroll, Absence, Workforce and Gender Pay Gap. The packs put the power back into your hands by enabling you to unlock your organisation's potential without the need to have a technical background in Business Intelligence, or the need for an in-house reporting specialist.

Created to give you a fast-track into reporting, our report packs do the hard work for you to provide you with customised, ready to share reports that are able to make a real difference to your business.

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How AI is transforming HR

For forward-thinking organisations, AI is the new normal. One of the most simplest forms of AI that businesses are starting to leverage are bots. Our customers are now leveraging bots to automate many of their HR processes.

Here are a few examples:

- FAQ bot for recruitment queries
- Employee holiday and absence requests
- FAQ bot for payroll and tax issues
- Anonymous advice from HR

Sound like something you could use? Get in touch with our experts to see how a bespoke bot could transform your HR department.

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Empower your teams to break away from manual reporting and embrace a more efficient way of working with
HR Analytics.