CFO insight: how to gain a competitive advantage in a crisis

Our CFO Mark Jenkins recently sat down with Chris Argent of to share his insights and learnings about the pandemic so far. He argued that the finance team has a key strategic role to play in gaining a competitive advantage during the crisis.

Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

We are now facing incredibly uncertain times affecting everyone around the globe. In the UK, recent events have merely extended and exacerbated the uncertainty that already existed as a result of Brexit.

20 March 2020

Top Analytics Trends for 2020

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29 November 2019

Transforming Higher Education with Analytics

The ability to adapt to change is an ability that higher education institutions will need now more than ever before.

29 November 2019

5 Ways to Drive Black Friday Success with Analytics

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21 November 2019

How will IFRS 16 impact Public Sector?

We’ve created this exclusive FAQ to help guide you around how you can prepare for IFRS 16 as a public sector organisation.

29 October 2019

When AI Meets HR, Here's What Happens...

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28 October 2019

7 Everyday Artificial Intelligence Examples

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30 September 2019

The Data Analytics Provider Checklist

This blog will explore the key qualities that make up a great data analytics provider to help you narrow your search and ensure that your investment is the right one.

27 September 2019