What is Extended Planning and Analytics (xP&A) all about?

There has been a big increase in interest in extended planning and analysis (xP&A). However this is not a new concept. We’ve seen tools such as IBM Planning Analytics take planning into other areas of the business, not just the finance function.

BI and the Need for Speed: How to Get a Head Start with Data

For extracting maximum value from your data, research shows that speed matters a lot. Here's a closer look at the data 'speed challenge' and how to avoid falling behind.

07 August 2020

Learning from Covid: 4 Data Lessons

To respond to a crisis, we’re told that decision-makers need to look at the data and “follow the science”. While this may seem desirable in theory, recent events demonstrate that it’s sometimes far from easy in practice. In this blog Laura Timms discusses 4 data learnings from Covid-19.

24 July 2020

Finance Transformation: The Transformation Journey

This is the fourth and final part of our series on Finance Transformation and this blog outlines the 3 steps to make your finance transformation journey a success.

20 July 2020

Higher Education Finance: A New Approach to Planning

Higher education institutions are currently facing revenue uncertainty on practically every front. Cash flow management has never been more critical - or more challenging. It demands an agile response to both liquidity management and budget planning.

16 July 2020

Effecting change in your organisation

We recommended starting with process automation, concentrating on making the core Financial Management processes as automated and efficient as possible – what we call “Getting the basics right”.

06 July 2020

Where do you start on the Finance Transformation journey?

When planning your Finance Transformation journey, start with process improvements, specifically automation of manual tasks. Our view is that transformation should be approached in small definable steps; start small, think big.

12 June 2020

Financial Consolidation needs to be simplified

Establishing or reorganising a group company structure can make sense for a variety of reasons. But where does such a move leave your finance team?

03 June 2020

Workforce Planning for 2020 and Beyond

Workforce planning is concerned with putting the right people in place at the right time, ultimately to equip organisations to meet their long-term goals. But what happens when your plans for the future are overtaken by more immediate concerns?

01 June 2020