Research latest: are spreadsheets holding back finance transformation?

Technology-wise, there is no shortage of ambition within the finance function. Automation has stepped up a gear. And by April next year, almost 80% of companies expect to have data analytics capabilities in place (up from around 73% at present).

IBM Planning Analytics Update: New Capabilities Explained

Highlights of the October 2020 PA Workspace release (SC57) include impressive new visualisation capabilities, guided planning, in-built predictive forecasting, as well as an updated user experience.

22 October 2020

Best Practice in Financial Performance Management

02 October 2020

Covid reporting downfall: Excel's significant limitations are exposed

At first, Public Health England stated that due to a “technical issue”, the number of Covid infections had been under-reported by 15,841 cases. These missing positive tests were conducted between 25 September and 2 October. The absent figures were added to the national statistics on Sunday evening.

02 October 2020

New Job Support Scheme: Watch Instant-Response Planning in Action

Immediately after the government’s Coronavirus Job Support Scheme was unveiled, MHR Analytics produced a ready-to-go planning model via our IBM Planning Analytics Salary & Compensation Accelerator module.

29 September 2020

Cloud Migration: 6 Critical Success Factors

For scaling up your capacity, your business intelligence capabilities - and ultimately, your ability to compete, the cloud promises a lot. But it’s important to remember that a successful migration to the cloud doesn’t come about automatically.

25 September 2020

Planning the New Normal

“What’s needed today is the agility of a jet ski as opposed to the steady plod of a tanker.” Capita’s analogy illustrates the approach businesses need to take to planning as we adjust to the ‘new normal’.

19 August 2020

BI and the Need for Speed: How to Get a Head Start with Data

For extracting maximum value from your data, research shows that speed matters a lot. Here's a closer look at the data 'speed challenge' and how to avoid falling behind.

07 August 2020

Learning from Covid: 4 Data Lessons

To respond to a crisis, we’re told that decision-makers need to look at the data and “follow the science”. While this may seem desirable in theory, recent events demonstrate that it’s sometimes far from easy in practice. In this blog Laura Timms discusses 4 data learnings from Covid-19.

24 July 2020