What is Extended Planning and Analytics (xP&A) all about?

There has been a big increase in interest in extended planning and analysis (xP&A). However this is not a new concept. We’ve seen tools such as IBM Planning Analytics take planning into other areas of the business, not just the finance function.

To all on-premises SAP BusinessObjects BI version 4.1 customers: Now is the time to upgrade

Still using SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 or older? The new version is here. Safeguard your data projects with a swift, hassle-free upgrade.

17 December 2020

IFRS 16 public sector deadline extension: how to use the time wisely

Despite the recent extensions, the deadline for public sector IFRS 16 compliance is fast approaching. We know already that far from being a mere technical accounting concern, the new standard represents a huge data management challenge.

17 December 2020

IBM Planning Analytics Update: New Capabilities Explained

Highlights of the October 2020 PA Workspace release (SC57) include impressive new visualisation capabilities, guided planning, in-built predictive forecasting, as well as an updated user experience.

22 October 2020

Best Practice in Financial Performance Management

02 October 2020

Covid reporting downfall: Excel's significant limitations are exposed

At first, Public Health England stated that due to a “technical issue”, the number of Covid infections had been under-reported by 15,841 cases. These missing positive tests were conducted between 25 September and 2 October. The absent figures were added to the national statistics on Sunday evening.

02 October 2020

New Job Support Scheme: Watch Instant-Response Planning in Action

Immediately after the government’s Coronavirus Job Support Scheme was unveiled, MHR Analytics produced a ready-to-go planning model via our IBM Planning Analytics Salary & Compensation Accelerator module.

29 September 2020

Cloud Migration: 6 Critical Success Factors

For scaling up your capacity, your business intelligence capabilities - and ultimately, your ability to compete, the cloud promises a lot. But it’s important to remember that a successful migration to the cloud doesn’t come about automatically.

25 September 2020

Planning the New Normal

“What’s needed today is the agility of a jet ski as opposed to the steady plod of a tanker.” Capita’s analogy illustrates the approach businesses need to take to planning as we adjust to the ‘new normal’.

19 August 2020